The Agenda is Subject to Change, please check back frequently

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

1400-1600       AAAA National Executive Board Meeting

1300-1700       Registration Center Open

1700-1800       National Awardee Rehearsal

1815-2030       Awardee/NEG Dinner (Invitation Only)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

0800-1200       AAAA Chapter Officer Workshops

                          LTC Jan Drabczuk, Ret., AAAA VP Chapters

0900-1900       Registration Center Open

1200-1600       Spouse Event: Discover Nashville Tour - Depart Delta Portico

1300-1500       AAAA Scholarship Foundation Board Meeting

                        BG Thomas Konitzer, Ret., President, AAAASFI

1500-1600       AAAA President’s Industry Reception

                        Exhibitor ONLY Industry to Industry meetings

1600-1900       Exhibit Hall Open - Ryman Hall BC

1600-1900       Early Bird Opening Reception Sponsored by Team Apache – Exhibit Hall

1930-2130       Industry Receptions

Thursday, April 26, 2018

0700-0745       Speakers Green Room Pre-Brief & Breakfast

                        (Invitation Only)

0700-1700       Registration Center Open

0700-1700       Soldier Café (Military ID Required – No Retired)

                        Sponsored by Team Chinook

0700-0800       Eye Opener Coffee   Sponsored by Northrop Grumman

0700-1700       Press Room Open   Sponsored by Northrop Grumman

0800-0930       Spouse Event – Hatha Yoga Flow and Mindfulness

                         Meditation –Magnolia Ballroom - Beverly Tate

0745-1100       Professional Sessions

   0745-0750    Opening Remarks

                        Mr. William R. Harris, Jr., AAAA Executive Director

0750-0815    AAAA Supporting You and Your Family!

                       From the Helicopter War to the Space Station; Soldiers

                        Supporting Soldiers and 35th Branch Birthday

                      BG Stephen D. Mundt, Ret., AAAA President

0815-0825    101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Welcome

                      *BG K. Todd Royar, Deputy Commanding General-Support

0825-0905    Keynote Address

                         *GEN James C. McConville, Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Army

0905-0930    Soldier & Unit Awards Presentation

0930-1000    Aviation Branch Chief Presentation

 *MG William K. Gayler, Commanding General,

 U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE)

   1000-1030    Acquisition, Logistics & Technology (AL&T) Update

 *Hon. Bruce Jette, Assist. SECARMY, AL&T

   1030-1100    RD&E Update

 *Dr. Juanita Harris, Director, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile

  Research Development and Engineering Center, AMRDEC

1100-1700       Exhibit Hall Open - Ryman Hall BC

1100-1700       Warriors To The Workforce Hiring Event

1130-1300       Scholarship & Museum Donation Luncheon

                         LTG Daniel J. Petrosky, Ret., Army Aviation Museum Fdn.


                         BG Thomas J. Konitzer, Ret., Scholarship Foundation President

1230-1400       The PM/TCM Interface–Utility/Cargo/FVL/MUM-T – A Discussion (Exhibit Hall center stage)

                         MG Walter L. Davis, Ret., former Director, Army Aviation G-3/5/7

1300-1430       Spouse Professional Program – A Strategic Overview of

                         Army Aviation Within the Big Army – Speakers TBD

1330-1645       Working Groups

   1330-1500      Aviation Enlisted Branch Update

                                 *CSM Gregory M. Chambers, Aviation Branch CSM

   1330-1500      Aviation Warrant Officer Readiness Review

                                 *CW5 Joseph B. Roland, Chief Warrant Officer of the Branch

   1515-1645      Recent Allied Standardization and Interoperability Lessons


                            Moderator: *MG Jeffrey Schloesser, Ret., AAAA Senior Vice


   1515-1615      Reserve Component Aviation Discussion

                           MG Erik K. Peterson, CG, 1st Army Division West

                           MG Troy D. Kok, CG, 99th Regional Support Command

1400-1445       Q&A with Army Aviation Senior Leader

                        (Exhibit hall center stage)

                        *MG Douglas M. Gabram, Commanding General,

                          Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM)

1445-1545       Q&A with Industry Leaders

                        (Exhibit Hall Center Stage)

                        Moderator: *MG William T. Crosby, Ret., AAAA Treasurer

1545-1645       Virtual Training Panel

                        (Exhibit Hall Center Stage)

                        Moderator: *MG William E. Cole, Program Executive Officer

                        Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI)

1600-1700       Chapter Sponsored Soldiers Brief (Invitation Only)- Exhibit Hall AAAA Community Booth

1800-2100       Army Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Banquet

   1800-1900    Reception Lobby

   1800-1900    HoF VIP Inductee Assembly

   1900-2100    HoF Dinner

                        *CW5 Randolph W. Jones, Ret., Chairman

2100-2300       Industry Reception


Friday, April 27, 2018

0700-0745       Speakers Green Room Pre-Brief & Breakfast

                        (Invitation Only)

0730-1530       Registration Center Open

0730-1700       Soldier Café (Military ID Required – No Retired)

                        Sponsored by Team Chinook

0730-0800       Eye Opener Coffee   Sponsored by Northrop Grumman

0730-1530       Press Room Open  Sponsored by Northrop Grumman

0800-0900       Spouse Event – Zumba

0800-1100       Professional Sessions

   0800-0805    Opening Remarks

                        *MG Jeffrey J. Schloesser, Ret., AAAA Senior Vice President

   0805-0830    Reorganizing the Army to Modernize

LTG Edward C. Cardon, Director, Office of Business

Transformation, Office of the Under Secretary of the Army

   0830-0900    DA Perspective

                        *BG Frank Tate, Director of Aviation, DCS G-3/5/7, U.S. Army

   0900-0930    Army Aviation Challenges in Europe

                        *BG John E. Novalis II, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations,

                        Multinational Corps Northeast, North Atlantic Treaty Organization

0930-1000   Multi-Domain Operations in the Korean Theater of Operations

                     *COL(P) Thomas R. Drew, DCG-S, 2nd Inf. Div., 8th U.S. Army

1000-1030   Sustaining the Fleet

                        *MG Douglas M. Gabram, CG, AMCOM

   1030-1100    Aviation Program Portfolio Update

                     *BG Thomas H. Todd III, Program Executive Officer, Aviation

   1100-1130    Special Operations Aviation

*BG John R. Evans, Jr., Commanding General,

   U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command (USASOAC)

1130-1300       Cub Club Luncheon & Social - President’s Suite

1130-1530       Exhibit Hall Open - Ryman Hall BC

1130-1530       Warriors To The Workforce Hiring Event

1200-1400       Q&A with Army Aviation Senior Leaders

                          (Exhibit Hall center stage)

   1200-1300    *BG Thomas H. Todd III, PEO Aviation

   1300-1400    *BG John R. Evans, Jr., CG, USASOAC

1300-1500       Cavalry Warfighters Forum

                        *Moderator: TBD

                          Heavy Attack Reconnaissance Squadron Commanders

1300-1700       Spouse Event - The Hermitage Tour – Depart Delta Portico

1430-1530       The PM/TCM Interface–Recon/Attack/UAS/ASE/SOF MUM-T / – A Discussion

                        (Exhibit Hall center stage)

                        MG Walter L. Davis, Ret.

1730-1830       Golden Eagles (50 Year and Above Members) Reception

                        (Invitation Only)

1800-2200       Informal Soldier Appreciation Dinner Concert with Big & Rich

   1800-1900    Reception

   1900-2100    Dinner/AAAA Annual Membership Meeting

   2100-2200    Soldier Appreciation Concert with Big & Rich,  Sponsored by Bell Helicopter, A Textron Company