Participate in the Veterans History Project


Leland Burgess, helicopter pilot in Vietnam, shot down in 1968 while attacking a Vietnamese bunker,
but was rescued before he could be taken prisoner

The Veterans History Project is an oral history archive at the Library of Congress that preserves and makes available primary source interviews with US veterans so that researchers and the general public can better understand the realities of war and military service. 

To participate, veterans simply talk about their time in the military and its effect on their life for at least half an hour while being recorded. These recordings are invaluable for researchers writing about many different aspects of the military as they provide a first person insight from the veterans who were actually there. VHP interviews have been used as source material for books, movies, academic research, and simply as a gift to the future generations of a veterans’ family.

LOC staff will be conducting interviews onsite at the AAAA Summit, April 25 - 27, Nashville, TN. RSVP by emailing Andrew Huber at