Hall of Fame History 


In 1973, Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) board member, COL Ted A. Crozier, successfully proposed the creation of an AAAA-sponsored Army Aviation Hall of Fame (AAHOF).

Initially housed in the old museum at Fort Rucker, AL, there were decade-based era categories of inductees, with induction cycles every year from 1974-1977. A number of process changes occurred over the ensuing years ranging from how long you had to be an AAAA member to vote, to the frequency of induction ceremonies which went to every three years from 1977-2007. Comprehensive reviews were conducted in 1999 and 2004 resulting in the system we have today. We now induct three new members each year plus any Medal of Honor recipients, (if the Medal is related to an Army Aviation action), during the AAAA Annual Summit each Spring.

The voting process to select the Army Aviation Hall of Fame members involves all AAAA chapter presidents, all members of the AAAA National Executive Board, the Aviation Branch Leadership, and the AAHOF Trustees. The Chapter Presidents’ linkage to the membership at large represents a vital link to every AAAA member and the field.

Physically, our Hall of Fame is now in a sweeping gallery within the current Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker, AL, which houses the portraits and citations of our inductees. The HOF is a living repository of the history of Army Aviation as illustrated by the contributions, the dedication and exploits of the extraordinary men and women who comprise Army Aviation. They are enlisted people, warrant officers, commissioned officers, rated aviators, non-aviators, astronauts, scientists, engineers, logisticians and industrialists. They have one thing in common: they have made an outstanding contribution over an extended period, or accomplished a truly exceptional achievement in Army Aviation.

We ask you to help us by submitting future nominations for the many deserving individuals we have yet to recognize.  The suspense date for nominations is 1 June each year.

For more information about the nominating process, contact Janis Arena: [email protected].