47th Cribbins Presentations

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Wednesday, November 20

Conference Keynote MG Thomas Todd, PEO Aviation

Industry SpeakerLTG (R) Michael Williamson

Combat Systems Panel – Aviation PMs
Chair: MG (Ret.) Tim Crosby, former PEO Aviation;
Mr. Stephen Simi;

Combat Systems Panel – Aviation PMs
Chair: Mr. Paul Bogosian, former PEO Aviation;
COL James DeBoer, PM Fixed Wing;
Mr. Jay Hurley, Lockheed Martin-Sikorsky;
Mr. Marc Harrelson, Textron

Combat Systems Panel – Aviation PMs
Chair: LTG (Ret.) Bill Phillips, former ASAALT MILDEP;
Mr. Andrew Hunter, CSIS;
Mr. Eric Grigorian, GTRI

Thursday, November 21

AMCOM Update MG Todd Royar, Commander, AMCOM

SOCOM UpdateCOL Paul Weizer, Program Executive Office, Special Operations Forces Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics – Rotary Wing

AMCOM Panel #1– Intellectual Property/Government Purpose Rights to Support the Organic Industrial Base
Chair: MG (Ret.) Tim Crosby, AAAA Sr. Vice President

1415 – 1515    
AMCOM Panel #2 – Aviation Maintenance Activities in the Strategic Support Area to Enable Large Scale Combat Operations

Chair: MG (Ret.) Jim Myles, former AMCOM Commander

AMCOM Panel #3 – Conducting Aviation Maintenance in the Tactical Area During Expeditionary Operations in Support of LSCO and MDO

Chair: MG (Ret.) Jim Rogers, former AMCOM Commander

Long-term Affordability for Army Aviation
Chair: LTG (Ret.) Dan Petrosky;
BG Wally Rugen, Dir., FVL CFT


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