2020 AAAA Luther Jones Forum Canceled

Unfortunately, due to the increasingly serious COVID-19 situation in Texas, the AAAA Luther Jones Army Aviation Depot Forum scheduled for 25-26 Aug 2020 has been canceled. Based on Travel Restrictions posted on June 8th by the DOD that a spike in numbers for COVID-19 must drop 14 days in a row, the Army and AMCOM cannot in good conscience support moving forward with this event. AAAA concurs with this recommendation. Our thoughts are with the people of Corpus Christi and Nueces County and especially the CCAD employees.

Thank you to all who were planning to participate at the event as well as our supportive Exhibitors and Sponsors.

To stay informed on all upcoming AAAA events, please continue to check your email, check back on quad-a.org and follow AAAA on social media.

Above the Best!

MG Jeff Schloesser, U.S. Army, Retired
34th President, AAAA




  • ATTN: Aviation Units and Organizations (BN & Higher) July 22 is the deadline for updating your unit/organization entry.  If you had an entry in the 2019 Blue Book, you will be receiving a letter in the mail this week with the information we have on file for you to update and return to bluebook@quad-a.org.  You may also go to this link BLUE BOOK for blank forms and instructions. Remember to include your Ref# from the letter in the subject line.


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The ARSOA and Conventional Army Aviation Team

President's Cockpit / By MG Jeff Schloesser, Ret.  

Our focus for June is Army Special Operations Aviation – ARSOA. From the outside looking in, ARSOA may seem to be much, much different than conventional Army Aviation. Those of us who have served in both know that ARSOA and conventional Army Aviation are in fact complementary.  Read More



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A COVID-19 Update

Our Headquarters office Staff are working from home due to concerns over the COVID-19 situation. The staff will continue to be maintaining email during regular business hours, and may be reached on their extensions. Your voicemail messages will be immediately forwarded to the staff members email. Please note that some mailings may be delayed during this time. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

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