Bayou Chapter

As part of the Aviation family, we firmly stand behind the AAAA mission:  “Supporting the Army Aviation Soldier and Family”.

Bayou Chapter's goal is to afford membership benefits and opportunities to local personnel with an eagerness to advance the purpose of the Association. 

The decision to create a new chapter generated a lot of excitement from units based in Pineville.  It was not hard to get the first 25 members to sign up.  After one membership drive, we reached 39 members, 29 of which will be brand new AAAA members.  Within a week, we were able to organize and conducted a start-up meeting, nominated and elected officers, and formed committees.  Our facility has a very diverse mission set.  We are home to an UH-60A/L Medevac Company, Air Traffic Control Company, Maintenance Det, UH-60M Air Assault Det, LUH-72 MEP Service & Support Det (Raid/Counter Drug), and a TUAS Det.  All of these units are formally attached to a Theater Airfield Operations Group (TAOG).  Having a AAAA Chapter provides an excellent source of bringing all these people from different professional aviation backgrounds together. 

Some key highlights that excite new members are that AAAA offers great opportunities to network as a professional in the total Army Aviation community.  It also provides an opportunity to recognize Soldiers who do extraordinary things.  Another reason that generated a lot of excitement was the scholarship program.  AAAA actively helps Service Members find employment after their career in Army Aviation has ended.  The PCEP program provides Industry Members opportunities to access highly-skilled and disciplined personnel who can be productive members of their work force.  This type of marketing can definitely give Soldiers an edge when applying for civilian jobs.  AAAA also gives the Army Aviation community a voice in government.       

All that being said, the biggest reason for excitement is AAAA enables Service Members to provide support for our brother and sister Soldiers, Families, and AAAA members through AAAA activities.  Having a local chapter will increase esprit de corps. It will bring a sense of cohesion and support.  Having the means to conduct activities, such as socials, meetings, events together provides an excellent vehicle for building good team relationships.  There are multiple deployments on our horizon, spread out far and near.  Being part of this association will mean that no matter where you go in the world, you will still have a place in Bayou Chapter.  Sometimes that sense of belonging can turn a bad day into a good one.  This sense of unity is the primary reason we want to start our own Chapter. 

Our goal is to build a strong and successful chapter that will provide members access to these wonderful benefits for many years to come.            

Annual Events

  • Quarterly Chapter Meetings

Chapter Officers

Full NamePosition
MAJ Chad Allen HinesPresident
LTC Joseph W. Deville, Jr.SeniorVP
CPT David A. CarrollSecretary
CW4 Jesse CurtisTreasurer
CW4 Jeffrey N. BallewVP Awards

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