CW4 E. M. Cook

Army Aviation Hall of Fame 1980 Induction - Atlanta, GA

A 31-year Army veteran, Chief Warrant Officer (W4) Elmer M. Cook was cited by a former Director of Army Aviation as "the epitome of the finest traits and capabilities of our flying warrant officers."

Bound by exceedingly high professional principles and attitudes, "Mel" Cook always commanded the respect of his superiors, and peers.

Rated in 1960, the Master Army Aviator was just that – a Mastor Pilot. "Mel" was aircraft commander for the CG of the 1st Aviation Brigade – a singular honor indeed. Still later during '74-'80, he was IP and aircraft commander of the Secretary of the Army in the Priority Transport Division, Davison U.S. Army Airfield, Military District of Washington.

During the period, he compiled a truly impressive record of 5,100 accident-free hours while transporting countless senior officials of the Executive Branch, the Department of Defense, and the Department of the Army.

Intelligent, dependable, and always the true professional, CW4 Cook distinguished himself as the Administrative Officer, 3rd Transportation Company (LH) at Davison AAF and then during 1965-1968 as a Personnel Management Officer in the AWO Branch, OPO, DA.

Charged with the most onerous responsibility of all, administering AWO assignments to Vietnam, impartiality, fairness, and complete dedication characterized all of his actions in working with this 7,000 AWO program. Involvement in the planning and implementation of a complete readjustment in worldwide aviator assets at war's end, he also was a key participant in the development of the Army's eventual Aviation Warrant Officer Career Program.