Air Traffic Control Unit of the Year Award

  • Deadline for submission of Nomination Packet is September 1st of the subsequent year
  • All information in the Summary and Support Documents must have occurred between September 1 and August 31 of the year that the nomination is being submitted.


Sponsored by Raytheon, this Award will be presented "to the Army Aviation Air Traffic Control unit that has contributed greatly to safety or efficiency in tactical ATC during the awards period encompassing September 1 through August 31." A candidate for this AAAA National Award must be a U.S. Army, Active or Reserve Component unit that has met the foregoing criteria. Membership in the AAAA is not a requirement for consideration.

The nomination information should include the training achievements of the unit to include but not be limited to: use of advanced simulation, multi-media academic presentations, innovative flight training methods, achievements in safety practices and procedures, and innovative use of all available assets to implement the unit Safety Program, etc.

One or more of the general areas below may be considered, with no priority of importance implied: 1) exceptionally high efficiency displayed in the control of aircraft traffic or recognition of outstanding service by users of the service; 2) outstanding handling of an unusual traffic overload/emergency by a facility or group of controllers within a facility; 3) a notable group contribution to safety, procedures, systems concept, or development; and 4) outstanding community or activity support.

Functional Award Nomination Form