2022 ASE Presentations

All available presentations are posted below:

Monday, September 12, 2022

Keynote Address
Mr. Mark Kitz, SES, Program Executive Officer Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Sensors
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Program Executive Office Aviation Update
Mr. Rodney Davis, Acting Deputy PEO
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Special Operations Aviation Update
BG Philip Ryan, Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Cmd.
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Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) Program Update
Mr. Doug Barnes, Deputy Project Manager ASE
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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Panel: Warfighter Leaders
Moderator: MG Walter Davis, Ret.
COL Clint Cody, Cdr., 101st CAB
COL John McElveen, State Army Aviation Officer, SC  
CW5 Jared S. Jones, Command Chief Warrant Officer, 97th Troop Command
CW4 Stephen J. Smith II, AMSO of the Year

Joint Aircraft Survivability Project Office (JASPO) Update
Mr. Dennis S. Lindell, Director
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Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft
COL Kevin Chaney, PM FARA

Panel: Other Service Programs Update
Moderator: MG Walter M. Golden, Jr. Ret.
CDR Bryanna Herring, PMA-272
Mr. Dan Kimmet, USAF LAIRCM Program Office
1Lt. Michael Dealey, USAF LAIRCM Program Office

U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence
COL Joshua P. Higgins, Director, Capability Development Integration Directorate
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Future Vertical Life Cross-Functional Team
COL Jay Hopkins, Chief of Staff, FVL CFT
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ASE and Mission Planning Integration
CW4 Jeffrey Tomaselli, Systems Integration and Management Office, U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command
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Aviation Mission Survivability (AMS) Branch Update and Symposium Wrap-Up  
CW4 Travis Plummer, Survivability Branch, DoTD USAACE