15th Luther G. Jones Army Aviation Depot Forum
Shaping Aviation Sustainment to Meet Multi-Domain Operations
August 20-21, 2019


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

AAAA President’s Welcome/Update
MG (Ret.) Jeff Schloesser, AAAA President
Luther Jones Tribute Video

CCAD & ACLC Partnered for Success - Video
COL Gail E. Atkins, Commander, Corpus Christi Army Depot
COL Richard A. Martin, Commander, Aviation Center Logistics Command (ACLC)

Special Operations Aviation - Presentation
COL Jon Tussing, Deputy Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command

Technology Initiatives to Support MDO
Chair: BG (Ret.) Howard Yellen, Past AAAA President - Presentation
Mr. Kevin Rees, Chief, Avn. Engineering Directorate Maintenance Eng. Div., CCDC AvMC - Presentation
SGM Thomas Hash, Aviation Maintenance Support Office (AMSO), USASOAC - Presentation
CW4 Jason Slusser, Digital Integrated Maintenance Environment (DIME) Team, USASOAC - Presentation
Dr. Brandon McWilliams, Army Research Laboratory (ARL) - Presentation
Mr. Thom Brown, Director, Prototype Integration Facility (PIF) - Presentation

Army Futures Command Support Panel
Chair: BG (Ret.) Steve Mundt, Past AAAA President
LTC Matthew Isaacson, G-3, Future Vertical Lift Cross-Functional Team (FVL CFT) - Presentation
Mr. Scott Harris, Product Support Manager, Future Long Range Assault Aircraft - Presentation
Mr. Harry Nahatis, VP/General Manager Rotor and Turboprop, GE-Aviation - Presentation

Panel: Filling the Gap Between Depot and Field Maintenance
Chair: BG (Ret.) Howard Yellen - Presentation
Mr. Bob Simpson, Associate Director, Aviation Field Maintenance Directorate, AMCOM - Presentation
Mr. Nicholas Schroeder, AED Liaison Engineer, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade - Presentation
COL (Ret.) Joe Dunaway, Senior VP Corporate Operations, DynCorp - Presentation

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Donald F. Luce Depot Maintenance Artisan of the Year Award Presentation
MG (Ret.) Jeff Schloesser, Mr. Bill Harris
Donald F. Luce Tribute Video

Sustainment Workforce Development
Chair: BG (Ret.) Steve Mundt
Mr. Jeffrey Fluegge, Director, CCAD Resources Management - Presentation

Panel: Additive Manufacturing
Chair:  BG (Ret.) Steve Mundt, AAAA Past President
Mr. Douglas Greenwood, NAVAIR Fleet Readiness Center-East AM Lead - Presentation
Dr. Brandon McWilliams, Army Research Lab - Presentation
Mr. Scott Gray, Elevate Systems - Presentation
Mr. Prabhjot Singh, Manager, General Electric AM Laboratory - Presentation
Dr. Antonio Paesano, Philadelphia Site AM Lead, Phantom Works Advanced Vertical Lift, The Boeing Company  - Presentation