AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Board of Governors


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BG Michael C. Flowers, Ret.President
COL Karen Lloyd, Ret.Vice President
COL Michelle F. Yarborough, Ret.Secretary
COL Gregory P. Gass, Ret.Treasurer
Mr. William R. HarrisExecutive Director
COL Robert P. Birmingham, Ret.Past President
COL Louis A. Bonham, Ret.Past President
COL Michael E. Freeman, Ret.Past President
BG Stuart W. Gerald, Ret.Past President
Mrs. Connie HansenPast President
COL Thomas M. Harrison, Ret.Past President
BG James M. Hesson, Sr. Ret.Past President
BG Thomas J. Konitzer, Ret.Past President
MG Richard H. MacMillan, Jr. Ret.Past President
BG Harry H. Bendorf, USAF Ret.Governor Emeritus
LTC Frank S. Besson, III Ret.Governor Emeritus
Mrs. Dorothy KestenGovernor Emeritus
Mr. Ronald V. KurowskyGovernor Emeritus
LTC Michael L. Bell, Ret.Governor - member
LTC John S. Bolton, Ret.Governor - member
COL Stephen T. Burns, Ret.Governor - member
LTC David W. CrockerGovernor - member
LTC Todd A. Dellert, Ret.Governor - member
LTC Ryan H. ForsheeGovernor - member
CW5 Mark W. Grapin, Ret.Governor - member
LTC Tom T. Huff, Ret.Governor - member
CW5 Robert L. Huffman, Ret.Governor - member
MG M. Todd HuntGovernor - member
COL Mike LaPointGovernor - member
Mr. Tommy L. MarksGovernor - member