The AAAA Scholarship Foundation recognizes the generosity of the following individuals, chapters and organizations that have donated to the Foundation from September 2021 through September 2022.

The list includes donations received for all scholarships, as well as the General Fund which provides funding to enable the chapter, corporate, heritage and individual matching fund programs as well as national grants.

Every penny donated to the Scholarship Foundation goes directly towards scholarships as a result of the Army Aviation Association of America subsidizing all administrative costs (minus investment brokerage fees).

For more information about the Foundation or to make a contribution click here; contributions can also be mailed to AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc., 593 Main Street, Monroe, CT 06468-2806.

Scholarship Donors

190th Assault Helicopter
7th Squadron 17th Air Cav Association
AAAA Air Assault Chapter
AAAA Arizona Chapter
AAAA Badger Chapter
AAAA Bluegrass Chapter
AAAA Colonial Virginia Chapter
AAAA Connecticut Chapter
AAAA Cowboy Chapter
AAAA Delaware Valley Chapter
AAAA Gold Standard Chapter
AAAA Idaho Snake River Chapter
AAAA Johnny O Cluster Chapter
AAAA Keystone Chapter
AAAA Lindbergh Chapter
AAAA Minuteman Chapter
AAAA Mount Rainier Chapter
AAAA North Star Chapter
AAAA North Texas Chapter
AAAA Oregon Trail Chapter
AAAA Savannah Chapter
AAAA Southern California Chapter
AAAA Tarheel Chapter
AAAA Tennessee Valley Chapter
AAAA Voodoo Chapter
AAAA Washington-Potomac Chapter
Sidney Achee-IHO "The Originals" Cub Club
Aircrafters, LLC
Amazon Smile
Ameripack Inc.
Apache Team Project Office S3
Dale Armstrong-IHO 190th Assault Co.
Cribbins Speakers Gift
Army Otter Caribou Association, Inc.
Mike & Daphne Arthur
Daphne & Mike Arthur-IHO Maxwell Guida
ASE Speaker Gift
David J. Ashcraft-IHO MAJ T.Ashcraft
Axient/QuantiTech, Inc.
Baretta's Optics Division-IHO Susan Yellen
Elisabetha Baugh-IHO COL Harry Townsend
Elisabetha Baugh-IHO COL Sidney Achee
Margaret & Donald Beatty
Sandra & Todd Becker
Becker's Air Powered Sweeping, Inc.
Bell Textron Inc.
Michael L. Bell-IHO Harry Townsend
Joseph & Helen Bergantz
Paul & Celeste Bogosian
John S. Bolton-IHO CSM Isaac B. Sheffield
Mary & John Burke
Gordon Burton
Harold W. Byars
Cynthia S. Campbell-IHO CW4 R. Campbell
Thomas & Kate Carroll-IHO A. Bobra Harris
Combined Federal Campaign
Richard Clemens-IHO Susan Yellen
Kevin S. Cochie
Randall & Sharon Cochran
Danny Charles Cox
Christy Dailey-IHO Susan Yellen
Dell L. Dailey
Thomas Dannenhoffer
James Darcy
Gail Davis-IHO Don & Ruth Luce
Walter L. Davis-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Digiflight, Inc.
ELEIT Technology Inc.
John Conrad Fabie
Phil Farrar
Jamie W. Felgenhauer
Denise FitzGerald-IHO Walter Jerome Kohls
Michael C. Flowers
Ryan H. Forshee
Jeffrey & Vanessa Fowler
Vanessa & Jeffrey Fowler-IHO Maxwell Guida
Suzan & James Freeman-IHO Frank Intini
Michael E. Freeman-IHO Harry Townsend
General Atomics Aeronautical
Paul Gierow-IHO Morgan Rae Kurowsky
Jon Graft-IHO Joel R. Graft
Thomas O. Graft
Mark W. Grapin
Shirley Griffith-IHO 1LT Kathryn M. Bailey
Gulfstream Aerospace
Jeffrey Scott Gyursik
H2L Solutions, Inc.
Dan E. Hackney
William R. Harris, Jr.
Thomas M. Harrison-IHO Dr. Harry Robertson
Kellie Hauenstein-IHO Maxwell Harris Guida
Lynne Heath
Ralph C. Hedden
James & Joyce Hesson
High Desert Chapter
William F. Hipple-IHO Families of the Fallen
Olivia and Gerald Hipp
David Hoffman
James E. Hyers
James T. Jackson
JACS Aircraft Certification Specialists
Mary & Arlo D. Janssen
Marsha A. Jeffers-IHO Paul Bogosian
Aric & Layne Jensen
Johnson & Johnson
Larry & Linda Jonas-IHO COL Billy Richburg
Randolph W. Jones
Kathryn's High Tee-IHO 1LT Kathryn M. Bailey
Jon Katz-IHO Jane Graft
Richard D. Kenyon
Lauren Kerns-IHO Mark Peterson
Nicholas A. Koeppen
Kopis Mobile LLC
Carl J. Kreisel
James F. Krueger
Steven J. Labows
Jacqueline & Jeffrey Langhout-IHO MG T. Crosby
Leidos, Inc.
William David Loftin
M1 Support Services
Tommy L. Marks
Jeffery A. Marlow
Crystal Martinez
Thomas McGurn
Jeremiah F. McNamara-IHO Sidney Achee
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Dennis M. Morris
MSB Analytics, Inc.
Stephen Mundt-IHO Susan Yellen
Donald T. Munsch, Munsch & Co. Aeromechanics
Andy Musfeldt
Navigator Development Group, Inc.
Gary & Bonnie Nenninger-IHO Paul Bogosian
Network for Good
John E. Niamtu-IHO WO Steve Morgan
Northrup Grumman Systems Corp
David Michael O'Briend
Rudolph Ostovich
Roman Papierz
William F. Parker-IHO Susan Yellen
Patriot Taxiway Industries
Mark Pearson-IHO LTC (Ret.) Daniel A Lenz
Peduzzi Associates Limited
Phantom Products Inc.
Piasecki Foundation
Linda & Danney Pickard
James H. Pillsbury
Pinnacle Solutions
Sabrina L. Powell-IHO Jack Dotterer
Nicole Powell-Dunford
Kenneth J. Quinlan-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret. 
R2C Inc.
Marc L. Rassler
Steward E. Remaly
Jaros Rickmeyer
Marilyn Rickmeyer
Roberson Giving Fund
Robertson Fuel Systems
Fredric Robins
Galen Rosher-IHO CW3 James White
Galen Rosher-IHO LTC Dennis McMahon
Robert E. Ross
Jon Elton Ruble-IHO CW5 Douglas A. DeBoer
Jon Elton Ruble-IHO MAJ Trevor Joseph
Jay Rush
Henry C. Ruth, III Ret.
Latny & Jonathan Salt
Michael Schrumpf-IHO MG Molinelli & COL O'Grady
Nancy Shaffer-End-IHO 1LT Kathryn Bailey
Shashy Family Charitable Fund
Mary & William Shelt-IHO Families of the Fallen
Susan & E.J. Sinclair-IHO Susan Yellen
Peter H. Smart
Brian T. Smith
Mark & Judy Smith
Evelyn A. Soucek-IHO MG Benjamin Harrison II
Monica T. Southerland
Sparrow Tang
The OV-1 Mohawk Association
AAAA Thunder Mountain Chapter
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Vietnam Veterans-227th Assault Battalion
Henry H. Waller
William D. Wolfinger
Wreaths Across America
Michelle F. Yarborough
Michelle Yarborough-IHO Becky Pillsbury
Michelle F. Yarborough-IHO Robert Soncrant
Howard Yellen-IHO Susan Yellen
Yulista Holding, LLC
The Zieff Family Fund Inc.-IHO Bill Harris