Individual Matching Fund Program

The AAAA Individual Matching Fund Scholarship Program was established as a pilot program in 2007 with initial authorization for 3 such awards in that year's program. In Spring 2012, the SFI BOG voted to make the pilot program a new Standing Program along with the existing Heritage and Corporate Matching Fund Programs.


Mirroring the original pilot program,  all names of those who asked to participate will be placed in a drawing and selected one at a time to establish an Order of Merit List (OML). Subject to available funds, the first three will be accepted the first year, second three the second year, and so on until the list is exhausted. When the OML is exhausted, the program will again be re-opened on January 1 of that year to establish a new OML with subsequent random drawing assignments of three donors per year. Donors will have a maximum of 10 years to complete their pledge.

Each year, the SFI BOG will review the program with a view to matching more than three a year if the General Fund allows. In all events, the SFI will allow each donor to donate funds prior to their drawn year of acceptance with the understanding that the matching funds from the SFI General Fund will not be available until the designated year of acceptance.


Under the program, an individual may donate $15K over a maximum of 10 years in order to receive a matching donation from the AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc., of up to $15K as donations were received, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining an Individual Perpetual Matching Fund in their name or in the name of their choice. The individual may make additional donations to their Fund but only the first $15K received within a 10-year period will be matched by the AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc., subject to the availability of funds. Scholarships in the minimum amount of $1K will be awarded from the individual's Individual Perpetual Matching Fund as soon as earnings generated from the fund equal or exceed $1K.


For Freshmen recipients, the scholarship will be paid out in a one-year grant if the individual's scholarship fund earns less than $2K per year; if the fund earns from $2K to less than $4K, the scholarship will be paid out in a two-year grant; and if the fund earns $4K or more, the scholarship will be paid out in a four-year grant. For upperclassman or graduate recipients, the scholarship will be paid out in equal parts over the remaining upperclassman years.


Applicants must be AAAA members, or:

  • the spouses or
  • unmarried siblings or
  • children or grandchildren of AAAA members or deceased members.

Individuals may designate an eligible population (e.g., local AAAA chapter, engineering degree, etc.) to be given preference over other applicants on the OML established by the Selection Committee. If there are no applicants in a designated population, the scholarship will be awarded to the next most meritorious applicant on the OML unless the individual specifies an alternate eligible applicant population to receive preference over other OML applicants. All awards will be awarded in the following priorities: freshmen, upperclassmen and graduate students.


If you wish to participate in the AAAA Individual Matching Fund Scholarship Program, please complete the Individual Matching Fund Request Form  and return it to AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc., 593 Main Street, Monroe, CT 06468-2806. All forms received on or before February 15 of the year the next drawing will be held will be included in that drawing.