Funding the Scholarships

The AAAA Scholarship Foundation benefits from specific chapter activities, meetings, and forums that are held at the local level to generate funds for the Foundation. Many AAAA members, friends of Army Aviation, relatives of deceased members, AAAA National and Chapter activities and private businesses make financial contributions to the Foundation.

BIASeal3The Foundation also accepts contributions made in memory of an individual. If the contributions made in the memory of an individual total $1,000 or more, a scholarship named in the memory of the individual will be awarded. Permanent (funded) scholarships in memory of an individual of at least $1K per annum may also be established when the Permanent Funds generate at least $1K annually.

The AAAA Scholarship Foundation also has several matching fund programs to benefit Industry, Heritage Foundations, and Individuals. The AAAA Scholarship Foundation Corporate Matching Fund Program, whereby a corporation may establish a Corporate Perpetual Matching Fund to award scholarships has two parts depending on the size of the Corporation. If the Corporation generates $10M or less in gross revenues the Scholarship Foundation will match the first $15K donated over a five year period. If the Corporation generates over $10M in gross revenue the match is reduced to $10K over five years. In addition, the Foundation sponsors whereby another unit or veteran's association may establish a Heritage Perpetual Matching Fund by donating $20K or more over ten years and have the first $10K matched by the Foundation. Individual Perpetual Matching Scholarships are matched by the Foundation up to $15K over a ten year period.

The Scholarship Foundation Chapter Matching program matches $3-5K annually depending on the size of the chapter. Super Chapters are matched up to $3K, Master Chapters are matched up to $4K and Senior and AAAA Chapters are matched up to $5K. All matching funds are subject to the Scholarship Foundation's Board of Governors decision based on the annual audit.

The AAAA Scholarship Foundation is a part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a workplace charitable fund drive conducted by the U.S. Government for all federal employees. The Foundation's CFC number is 10516.

For further information contact the AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc., 593 Main Street, Monroe, CT 06468-2806; Telephone: (203) 268-2450; FAX: (203) 268-5870; email [email protected]