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Tennessee Valley Chapter

The Tennessee Valley Chapter of the Army Aviation Association of America is passionate in its aviation programs and the steadfast support of our Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians resulting in the defense of the Army and our Nation. The Tennessee Valley Chapter (TVC) leadership continues an excellent relationship with the Huntsville/Redstone community, and our chapter is often the first place turned to by both platform commands and community organizations for support of their events and efforts: and we are the first stop for industry looking for the visibility of community support. Our chapter continues a proud tradition of bringing both the commercial and government aspects of Army Aviation together, supporting not only individual Soldiers, but our community and the enterprise as a whole. We are a growing and active chapter that works hard to continue the relationships with our industry partners while garnering enthusiastic participation during our diversified and frequent Chapter events. We have built a most supportive membership that takes to heart our charter and works for the benefit of the Army Aviation, AAAA National and our Chapter mission. 

The chapter frequently and generously supports community efforts with both financial grants and manpower.

Check us out on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/TVCAAAA/ 

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Annual Events

  • Joseph P. Cribbins APS - Annual Symposium of industry and the aviation logistics and acquisition
  • Spring and Fall Bass Tournaments - Open to members and families for those who enjoy tournament fishing
  • Aviation Ball - Formal fall event sponsored to celebrate Army Aviation
  • Whitewater Rafting - One day opportunity to experience for members and families
  • Oktoberfest Celebration - sponsored by TVC for members and families
  • Thanksgiving Social - celebration sponsored by TVC for members and families
  • Christmas Social - celebration sponsored by TVC for members and families
  • Jack Daniels Tour - sponsored by TVC for members and families

Chapter Officers

Full NamePosition
Mr. Gary S. NenningerPresident
COL Talmadge C. SheppardSeniorVP
Mrs. Tonya GalindoSecretary
COL Gerald R. Davis, Jr. Ret.Treasurer
COL David N. Gereski, Ret.VP National Guard & Reserves
COL Mathew J. Hannah, Ret.VP Operations
LTC Tom T. Huff, Ret.VP Scholarship
CW4 Steven L. Sanders, Sr. Ret.VP Awards
Ms. Kathryn S. HuffVP Communications
COL Theodore T. Sendak, Ret.VP Industry Affairs
LTC Greg Oelberg, Ret.VP Programs
COL John M. VannoyVP CribbinsAPS
CSM Leon Hite, Jr. Ret.VP EnlistedAffairs
Mr. Ray K. SellersVP Government Affairs
Mr. Brian M. SabourinVP MembEnrollment
MAJ Bryan E. RiddleVP Military Affairs
Mrs. Janice L. SandersVP Publicity
LTC Robert F. Vlasics, Ret.VP Retired Affairs
CSM Tod L. Glidewell, Ret.VP Veterans Affairs

Chapter Calendar

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July 2019

Chapter Meetings & Events

TitleStart DateStart TimeAction
Aviation Trivia Night09/19/20195:00pmView522
Climb for the Soldier Fundraiser08/19/2019 View507
Quarterly Mission Area Award Nominations08/06/2019 View523

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