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Monday, October 2, 2017

1300-1530      Depot Orientation Tour
                  U.S. Citizens Only – NOFORN

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

0600-1700   AAAA Chapter Scholarship Golf Tourney
0730-1700      Exhibitor Set up
1400-1700      AAAA Registration
1800-2030  Awardee Briefing/Dinner (Invitation Only)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

0745-1700    AAAA Registration
0745-1700    Networking Exhibit Center Open
0745-0815    Continental Breakfast
                     Networking Exhibit Center

0815-0820    Administrative Remarks
     Mr. Bill Harris, AAAA Executive Director

0820-0825    AAAA President’s Welcome/Update
     BG (Ret.) Stephen D Mundt, AAAA President

0825-0855    Commander’s Comments/CCAD Update
    COL Allan H. Lanceta, Commander
    Corpus Christi Army Depot

0855-0905    Corpus Christi City/Depot Partnership
     The Honorable Paulette Guajardo, Councilwoman, Corpus Christi City Council

0905-0915    State of Texas District Update
    The Honorable Todd A. Hunter, State Representative, Texas District 32

0915-0945    Keynote Address & Award Presentation
     MG Douglas M. Gabram, Commanding General, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
     AAAA Donald F. Luce Depot Maintenance Artisan of the Year Award
     BG(R) Mundt, Mr. Harris

0945-1015    Networking Refreshment Break
                     Networking Exhibit Center
1015-1045    Special Operations Aviation 
    COL Philip J. Ryan, Commander,
     160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, (Airborne)

1045-1115    Sustainment Readiness Model – the Depot Role  
    Mr. John Smith, Chief, Industrial Operations,
     U.S. Army Materiel Command

1115-1145    Aviation Sustainment
    Ms. Renee Mosher, Actg. Executive Director,
     AMCOM Logistics Center (ALC)

1145-1230    Networking Lunch

1230-1315    Dessert and Coffee
                     Networking Exhibit Center

1315-1415    CCAD Readiness Panel
    Chair:  Ms. Renee Mosher, AED ALC
     Mr. Robert Sharp, Ch. Ops. Off., CCAD
     Ms. Dru A. Jackson, DLA
     Mr. David Schlesinger, Avion/AMRDEC
     Mr. Deen Hutson, Quantitech/AMRDEC
     Mr. Jeffrey M. Hess, U.S. Air Force SOF/PR & Rotary PO

1415-1445    Networking Refreshment Break
                     Networking Exhibit Center
1445-1545    CCAD OEM Partners Futures Panel
    Chair: BG (Ret.) Howard Yellen, Past AAAA President
      Mr. Mike Booen, Boeing 
      Mr. Harry Nahatis, GE
      Mr. Rod Hynes, Honeywell
      Mr. Jeff Hanke, LM-Sikorsky
      Mr. Joe Ash, Parker Hannifin

1545-1800    AAAA Networking Reception
                     Networking Exhibit Center

Thursday, October 5, 2017

0730-1000    AAAA Registration
0730-1100     Networking Exhibit Center Open
0730-0825    Continental Breakfast
    Networking Exhibit Center

0825-0830    AAAA Welcome
    BG(R) Stephen D Mundt, AAAA President

0830-0930    Soldier to Artisan Training Panel 
    Chair: MG (Ret.) Jeff Schloesser, AAAA Sr. VP
    CW5 Keith Shelstad, BAMO, 34th CAB
    CPT Kathryn Munera, Cdr, D/6-101st GSAB
    MAJ Stephan Nowakowski, Dep. Cdr.,1109th TASMG
    SGM Louis C. Felicioni, CCAD Sergeant Major

0930-1030    PEO PM Aviation Update
    COL William D. Jackson, PM Utility Helicopters
    Mr. John T. Smith, Apache PMO
    COL Gregory S. Fortier, PM Cargo
    Mr. Charles Strowbridge, APM Utility Helicopters
1030-1100    Networking Refreshment Break
                     Networking Exhibit Center

1100-1150    Art of the Probable (AoP) Report Card
    COL Allan H. Lanceta, Cdr., CCAD

1150-1155    Closing Remarks
    COL Allan H. Lanceta, Cdr., CCAD
1155-1200    AAAA Farewell
    BG (Ret.) Stephen D Mundt, AAAA President

1230-1330    AMCOM and PM Q&A BBQ Lunch at CCAD – Hangar 44
    (CCAD Artisans – Invitation Only)

1400-1600    Directors Roundtable at CCAD – Bldg. 8
    COL Allan H. Lanceta, Cdr., CCAD