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Current Network Recognition Voice and Support News

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December 13-15, 2010, Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA

Keynote AddressBriefing
MG James C. McConville
Office of the Chief Legislative Liason
Moving Toward the Future
Pentagon Panel 
COL William Morris
Director, Army Aviation, Army G 3/5/7
HQDA Perspective
Mr. Bryon Browning
Chief, Space & Airgborne Br.. Army CIO/G6
Joint Aerial Layer Network
Joint Services Officer Panel 
COL Grant Webb
Chief of Traing Div., JUAS COE
LTC James Cutting
Army G 3/5/7, Aviation UAS Director
Army UAS are
Col James Gear
USAF Dir., RPA Task Force, HQ USAF
RPA Community Update
CAPT Donald Hurley
OPNAV N2N6, ISR and Unmanned Systems PROGRAM
U.S. Navy Roadmap for Unmanned Systems
LtCol Brad Beach
Hdq., Marine Corps, Aviation
Army UAS Integration Panel 
COL Robert Sova
TRADOC Capability Manager for UAS
COL Jimmy Meacham
Dir., Directorate of Training and Doctrine
COL Richard Stockhausen
Dir., Avn. Branch Personnel
LTC Edward Douglas
Chief, Airspace Br., U.S. Army Aeronautical Services Agency
CW5 James M. Olophant
Army Tng. Support Ctr., TCM-LIVE, Avn. Master Gunner
Army UAS Integration Panel
Warfighter Panel 
COL James L. McGinnis
Dir., Sustainment Capabilities Dev. and Intergration, Fort Lee
Sustainment Center of Excellance
Mr. Jim Stone
Dir. Of Concepts, U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellance, Fort Benning
Movemnet and Maneuver
Army UAS Systems Capability Update 
COL Gregory Gonzalez
PM UAS Panel
Mr. Tomothy Owings
Deputy PM UAS
2011 MUSIC Exercise Demostrraion
LTC Andrew Hamilton
Ground Maneuver PM
RQ-7B Shadow 200 Update
LTC Jennifer Jensen
Common Systems Int. PM
OSRVT and UGCS Update
LTC Kevin Messer
Medium Altitude Endurance PM
MAE Update
Mr. Max Mitchell
Deputy PM, Small UAS
SUS Update
Ms. Viva Austin
Prod. Dir., UAS Space Intergration
Ground Base Sense and Avoid Update
UAS Operators Perspective PanelNo slides presented
Manned-Unmanned Teaming Operation Panel 
COL Grady Kin
TRADOC Capability Mgr., Recon. & Attack
Panel Overview
MAJ Gregory Fortier
Cdr., Aviation Flight Test Directorate
Evoluation of Manual Unmanned Teaming AH-64D BLK II, OH-58D, HH-60L
LTC Michael Slocum
MUM/M2 Brief
MAJ Kyle Duncan
TCM-UAS Tactical Operations & Sus. Officer
VUIT-2 Campaign Plan
MAJ Lee Ambrose - Video Battle Action Plan, 25th CAB
Cdr., A Co. 1-145 Co

CW5 Rucie J. Moore
Army Avn. Flight Test Directorate
Sensor Control for LOI 3
Industry PanelNo slides presented
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