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Industry Membership

The Industry Membership Program is designed to foster approved and meaningful interchange between government and industry. Corporate representatives have the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the changing Army Aviation community, participate in local and national meetings and to develop professional contacts critical to the corporation's current and future programs and plans.

Industry members also have the opportunity to participate in the many programs AAAA offers that include:

  • Army Aviation Magazine: AAAA's official publication, issued ten times per year, is provided to each individual member under the Industry membership. Reports of the activities of Industry members are included in the department, BRIEFINGS, on request and if space is available. Army Aviation also accepts advertising with preferential ad placement provided to Industry Members whenever possible.
  • Industry Partners Directory:Army Aviation publishes the "Industry Partners" Directory as part of the December issue which focuses on our Industry Partners and the Who's Who of the Army Aviation Industry who make it possible for those in uniform to have the very best equipment in the world.
  • The Blue Book: The Who's Who in the Army Aviation Community is provided to each individual member under the Industry Membership.
  • AAAA PCEP: The AAAA Post Career Employment Program (PCEP) site is a unique benefit that serves two member groups; enlisted soldiers retiring or leaving active service and industry members seeking highly qualified soldiers to enhance their work force. For our enlisted soldiers it clearly demonstrates that AAAA is a professional organization that supports all ranks and Army Aviation specialties. For our Industry Members we offer opportunities to access highly-skilled and disciplined personnel who can be productive members of their work force. The PCEP can be found on
  • AAAA Annual Forum: The opportunity to exhibit is reserved for AAAA's Industry members only. Industry members are also provided the courtesy of advanced registration privileges and preferential seating at certain functions. AAAA sponsors several conferences and forums annually that address specific subject areas such as ASE, Avionics, Electronics, and Product Support. Information on AAAA functions of national scope such as these is provided to the Designated Industry Representative for dissemination.
  • AAAA Chapter Program: Each individual member under the Industry membership is assigned to the local chapter and has the opportunity to participate in activities and meetings.
  • Industry Affairs Committee: Industry Members are encouraged to bring forth issues and ideas to the AAAA's Industry Affairs Committee, the chairman of which has a seat on AAAA's National Executive Board.
  • AAAA Awards Program: AAAA presents awards annually recognizing outstanding achievements in Army Aviation. Industry members are encouraged to submit award nominations.
  • AAAA Scholarship Program: The AAAA Scholarship Foundation,Inc. awards scholarships and interest free loans annually to members of the AAAA and their spouses, unmarried siblings and unmarried children and grandchildren of current and deceased AAAA members. Many of the recipients are the relatives of individual members under the Industry Membership Program. Members may also make corporate contributions to the Foundation and are recognized accordingly through the Corporate Matching Fund Scholarship Program.

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