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In 2002, COL Tony Crutchfield requested that the AAAA create a parallel program to the Order of Saint Michael to honor spouses and other supporters of Army Aviation. Established in 2004 as a joint venture between the AAAA and the US Army Aviation Center (USAAVNC), the Order of Our Lady of Loreto recognizes individuals who are worthy of special recognition for outstanding support to the Army Aviation Family and Army Aviation Community.

According to tradition, the home in which the Virgin Mary was born was miraculously moved by angels in 1295 from its original site in Nazareth to its present site in Loreto, Italy. Since 1920, Our Lady of Loreto has been recognized as the patron saint of aviators. This award celebrates the sacrifice, support, security, and caring provided by those at home and in the larger Army Aviation Community that make it possible for Army Aviation soldiers to accomplish their missions despite changes in circumstances, location, and separation from loved ones.


A nominee for the Order of Our Lady of Loreto must have demonstrated conspicuous contributions to support the Army Aviation family and community.


The official nomination form should be given to the local AAAA Chapter President for approval. The Lady of Loreto Order Form must be completed and returned by the Chapter. These forms may be reproduced locally. The nomination should include a photograph of the nominee in any size.


Any active AAAA member may submit the official nomination form to their local Chapter. If there is no local chapter, nominations should be emailed to


The Approving Authority is the President of the local AAAA Chapter (allow 30 days for processing). In instances where a local AAAA Chapter is not applicable or when the local President is nominated, the Approving Authority is the National Executive Board, AAAA (allow 60 days for processing action). When the nomination cannot be processed in a timely fashion by the National Executive Board, the Order of Our Lady of Loreto Selection Committee consisting of the Chairman of the AAAA Awards Committee and two members of the Awards Committee appointed by the Awards Committee Chairman, are authorized to act for the National Executive Board (allow sixty days for processing).


  • Recipients shall receive a Certificate and a Lapel Pin.
  • The Lapel Pin may be worn at any time.


Award nominees will be notified by the local Chapter President. The nominator will be responsible for induction of the recipient into the Order of Our Lady of Loreto and presentation of the certificate and pin.

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