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THE ORDER OF OUR LADY OF LORETO Awards Presentation Ceremony

Awarding Officer:

"The Order of Our Lady of Loreto recognizes individuals who are worthy of special recognition for outstanding support to the Army Aviation Family and Army Aviation Community."

"The award recipient(s) will now come forward."

Awarding Officer reads the Award History:

"According to tradition, the home in which the Virgin Mary was born was miraculously moved by angels in 1295 from its original site in Nazareth to its present site in Loreto, Italy. Since 1920 Our Lady of Loreto has been recognized as the patron saint of aviators. This award celebrates the sacrifice, support, security, and caring provided by those at home and in the larger Army Aviation Community that make it possible for Army Aviation soldiers to accomplish their missions despite changes in circumstances, location, and separation from loved ones."

Awarding Officer reads the recipient's accomplishments.

Awarding Officer presents the recipient with the Order of Our Lady of Loreto Pin and reads the following:

"Appearing before a most arduous and discriminatory committee of tried and proven Army Aviators and Aviation Patriots, be it known that __________(name)__________ was tested and found worthy of special recognition for outstanding contributions to the community of Army Aviation and is hereby inducted into The Honorable Order of Our Lady of Loreto."

"The Lady of Loreto is the embodiment of sacrifice, support, security, and caring. So too, the aforementioned individual embodies these qualities. Therefore, the President of the Army Aviation Association of America Inc., with the concurrence of the Chief of Army Aviation, acknowledges that this woman is due special honor and respect for now and posterity."

"Given under my hand this _____(date)_____   day of __________ ."

Remarks by the Award recipient.

Awarding Officer concludes the Award Ceremony.

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