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Tuesday, November 6

Project Manager, Aircraft Survivability
Equipment (ASE) Program Update

COL John R. Leaphart, PM, ASE

Future Work CERDEC/S&T
(HFI, CMWS, Countermeasures)

Mr. Ralph Troisio, Ch., EWAGSD, I2WD

Panel 1: Future Capability Development

Chair: COL Richard Stockhausen, Dir.
TRADOC Program Office, Aviation Brigades
  Mr. Murray R. Collette, BAE
  Mr. David Imbrogno, Goodrich
UTC Aerospace Systems

USMC/Navy RF/IR Program Updates

CDR Laura Schuessler (USN)
Program Manager
Air (PMA-272) Assault ASE Lead
Panel 2: OEM & Support Chair: COL John R. Leaphart, PM, ASE
  Dr. James M. Harrison, BAE
  Mr. Ray Trent, Goodrich
UTC Aerospace Systems
  Dr. Peter G. Varmette, SAIC
Wednesday, November 7
Special Operations Aviation Update COL John R. Evans, Cdr., 160th SOAR (A)
AMCOM Update MG Lynn A. Collyar, Commanding General,
U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle
Management Command
Coalition Lessons Learned Dr. Jim Wickes, Sr. Princ. Survivability, DSTL, UK
Army Shoot Down Assessment Team (ASDAT) Update CW5 Bobby C. Sebren, Chief, ASDAT
TACOPS Branch Update CW5 Michael S. Kelley, Avn. Br. TACOPS
Aviation Mission Planning System Update (AMPS) MAJ Olin Walters, APM
Networks & Aviation Mission Planning
PM Blue Force Tracking-Avn Update Mr. Alvin A. Abejon, PM, BFT-Avn
Panel 4: Sustain and Maintain – PMs and User Maintainers Chair: COL John R. Leaphart, PM ASE
  Mr. Joseph Andrzejewski
IronMountain Solutions
Utility Helicopters PMO