Army Aviation Hall of Fame 2007 Induction - Atlanta, GA

Retired SGM Kenneth G. Rich is an exceptional Soldier whose outstanding accomplishments and selfless service as an aviation maintainer and trainer have contributed significantly to the success of the Army aviation branch.

Enlisting in May 1976, he completed basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C. and advanced individual training at Fort Eustis, Va., and became a mechanic and crew chief on the AH-1G Cobra gunship at Fort Hood, Texas.

His unparalleled leadership skills enabled him to serve successfully in leadership positions from squad leader to sergeant major, ensuring the safe operation of Army aircraft and the preservation of people and equipment around the world.

Rich was selected in 1984 as the Community Soldier of the Year when stationed in Hanau, Germany.

In 1985, he was named AAAA's Soldier of the Year and inducted into the Sergeant Morales Club.

In 1991, while assigned as a senior training development NCO for the Department of Training and Doctrine with the New Systems Training Division, Rich was instrumental in the integration of the AH-64A Apache Helicopter Maintenance course to the U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School at Fort Eustis.

His direct coordination with aircraft maintenance contractors and program managers quickly resolved problems associated with institutionalized training and lead to effective training for 67R10 Soldiers.

Rich also played a prominent role in the developmental phases and future maintenance training plans for the RAH-66 Comanche helicopter program in the 1990s.

From 1997 through 2005, Rich was in charge of various instructional training divisions and departments with the USAALS.

Assigned as the sergeant major of the Department of Attack Helicopter Training, his department was instrumental in the School receiving both a successful accreditation and exemplary comments from the Army Training and Doctrine Command's accreditation team.

The USAALS was rated as the "Best of 11 TRADOC Schools" to have been accredited by the team up to that April 2005 visit.

Culminating his career as the Sergeant Major of the Army Aviation Logistics School, Rich retired in June 2006 with 30 years of service to the nation.