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ARMYAVIATION is a professional military publication reporting on news and developments pertinent to the field of U.S. Army Aviation and is the official publication of the Army Aviation Association of America, Inc., (AAAA).

ARMYAVIATION provides an essential public forum for the current and future leaders in the military community. Each issue offers in-depth coverage of a specific development or program within U.S. Army Aviation along with dynamic, easy-to-read feature articles from key offices, agencies, and operational units worldwide. Provides updates on congressional legislative affairs; news on people, events and issues of interest to the members of the Army Aviation Association.

Below are selected articles and features of last month's magazine. When you join AAAA, you will receive a subscription with your membership. Previous articles by the CG, USAACE and the Chief of the Army Aviation Branch are located in the Archives section of this site.  Digital archives of the past year are available here.

January 2015
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auth lundy
From the Aviation Branch Chief

AMCOM – Delivering Readiness to the Warfighter, Now and in 2025
BG Michael D. Lundy

BG Michael D. Lundy is the Aviation branch chief and the commanding general of the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker, AL.
auth godfrey
From the Chief Warrant Officer of the Branch

Readiness Requires Leadership Emphasis on Training
By CW5 Allen R. Godfrey

CW5 Allen R. Godfrey is the chief warrant officer of the Aviation Branch with the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence, Fort Rucker, AL.
auth thom
From the Branch Command Sergeant Major

AMCOM – Bringing Support to the Fleet
By CSM Eric C. Thom

CSM Eric C. Thom is the Command Sergeant Major of the Aviation branch at the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence, Fort Rucker, Ala.


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