Working Hard and Giving Thanks

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It is hard to believe how fast 2017 is flying by! It seems like we just left the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit and now we are in the midst of celebrating Thanksgiving with the New Years and religious holidays just ahead.

We have just finished our series of Fall symposia to include the Luther Jones Depot Forum at Corpus Christi, TX and the Aircraft Survivability Equipment and Joseph P. Cribbins Product Sustainment Symposia in Huntsville, AL with very strong turnout and tremendous professional dialogue and networking by all. One of the highlights of these events is always the presentation of the AAAA awards to some great Soldiers, civilians and units. Meeting their families and hearing their acceptance remarks always brings home what AAAA is really all about. I have to say though that beyond those experiences this year it was very emotional meeting some of the folks that benefited from your Association’s donations to those CCAD artisans and their families who lost homes in the hurricanes in Texas. It was truly humbling to have helped to relieve some of the suffering of AAAA members and non-members alike, and experience their gratitude for AAAA supporting them when they needed it most. We are currently working ways to help our Aviation Brethren and families in Puerto Rico who were devastated as well by Hurricane Maria. It is all about supporting Aviation Soldiers and families in need.

All of these events also demonstrate to me how AAAA reaches the practical level of networking for solutions across disciplines from maintainers and scientists to acquisition folks and operational personnel. It is especially gratifying to see groups of Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians and industry engaged in animated discussions during the breaks in the professional programs. This is where real progress is made and AAAA is proud to provide the platforms for these discussions from which real-world solutions have emerged.

We have also just held another Senior Executive Associates meeting lead by GEN Scott Wallace in D.C. It was our largest gathering ever with 12 retired non-aviation four and three stars in attendance. The “Six Pack” was well represented with our Branch Chief, AMCOM commander, PEO Aviation, and Director of Aviation who were there to get the Associates up to speed on the issues most critical to you and to be sure your voice is heard through their advocacy.

What does all this mean? It means we do not take your loyalty and support for granted and that we are working extremely hard each and every day to justify our value to you and your families. You make a difference through your membership in the AAAA. You make an impact on the Branch, the Army Aviation Community, and the Army. We are about people. We are about you. We are about the U.S. Army Aviation Soldier and Family. Together we make a difference!

Be safe this Thanksgiving and throughout the coming holidays. Keep in mind all our friends deployed around the world to keep the rest of us safe. We give thanks to them, you and your families for what you do every day. I wish you a very joyful Holiday Season and on behalf of me and my family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Above the Best!

BG Steve Mundt, Ret.
33rd President, AAAA


Proffer Approved

AAAA is pleased to announce that the Proffer has been approved by the Department of the Army! See below. In addition, the Army itself is funding another 20 General Officers and SES to attend the event on top of the AAAA-funded Proffer.

This will allow over 175 key personnel from the Active Army, Army Reserve and National Guard who represent the operational, acquisition, Science & Technology (S&T) and Special Operations communities to attend the 2014 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit on May 4-6 in Nashville, TN.


EXTRACT – Approved DAS Memorandum for AAAA Proffer Distribution (18 APR 14)

1. Purpose and Background. The Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) Annual Meeting and Mission Solutions Summit is one of the largest military expositions and professional development forums. This year, the event will be held at the Opryland Hotel and Conference Center, from Sunday 4 May to Tuesday 6 May 2014, in Nashville, TN. The following memorandum will clarify guidance and procedures for Army attendance and travel.

2. Proffer. Commands / agencies / activities not specifically designated are not authorized the use of any AAAA Proffer funds for reimbursable travel and/or expenses in support of this event. A specific list of 152 Army invitees by duty position and organizations has been distributed through Army channels. If the primary is not available to attend, units are authorized to send another appropriate representative in their stead.

3. O&M Funded Travel and TDY. The Secretary of the Army has authorized Army funded travel and attendance at this event for limited number of additional attendees, as well as the shipment and set-up of Army exhibits. These individuals will be directly contacted by the HQDA lead agency (G-3/5/7 Army Aviation) NLT WED 23 APR 14. Unless specifically contacted and/or authorized, no other Army command / agency / activity is allowed to spend any Army funds for travel, attendance, and/or other support functions at the 2014 AAAA Annual Meeting.

4. Local Attendance. The Secretary of the Amy has further authorized local attendance by up to 647 Army personnel. Personnel assigned to posts / installations in or near the event (in this case, Fort Campbell, KY) may attend the AAAA Annual Meeting in their official capacities provided their supervisors (who are either commissioned military officers or civilians above GS11) authorize their attendance after making a determination that the Soldier’s or employee’s attendance at the Annual Meeting furthers a legitimate Army interest. For example, if a GS13’s supervisor determines the GS13 would receive professional development opportunities of benefit to the Army by attending the Annual Meeting or one of its seminars, then the supervisor could authorize the GS13 to attend an Annual Meeting function or event in an official duty status. Personnel traveling in this manner are not authorized any reimbursable expenses . If personnel desire to attend in a personal capacity, they must be on an appropriate duty status (i.e. Pass or Leave), and again, are not authorized any reimbursable expenses.

5. Conference Fees. AAAA indicates there is no entry fee for military personnel attending the event in uniform . Military personnel not in uniform and Army civilian employees should be aware they are subject to a $20 - $60 fee to attend the event.    

6. Mission Critical Status. AAAA gift proffer funded travelers may only accept the gift proffer and travel to the AAAA Annual Meeting if approved to do so by their travel approving authorities. For travel approving authorities, the mission critical travel standard does not apply to travelers funded entirely by AAAA gift proffer funds. The travel approving authority may approve the travel for his or her AAAA gift proffer funded travelers if their attendance at the Summit will further the interests of the Army. After obtaining the concurrence of his or her Ethics Advisor, the travel approving authority must approve acceptance of all gift proffer funded travel in writing before the travel begins.

Read more: EXTRACT – Approved DAS Memorandum for AAAA Proffer Distribution (18 APR 14)

Signed AASA Acceptance 8Oct14 900

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