Event: Speaker:
Tuesday, December 11
Industry Keynote Address LTG(R) Mark Curran, Corporate VP
Army Programs, L-3 Comm.
OSD Perspective on Unmanned Warfare
UCS InteropVideo
Mr. Dyke Weatherington, Deputy Dir.
Unmanned Warfare Directorate, OUSD (AT&L)
CAB Study Plan PPT
Mr. Glenn Rizzi, TRADOC Capabilities Manager
Senior Advisor
Airspace Management: GBSAA Update Ms. Mary Ottman, Dpty. Dir.
Airspace Integration
UAS and the Army National Guard CW2 Dustin Williams
UAS Standardization Officer
Army National Guard
UAS Futures Update Mr. Richard Kretzschmar, UAS Dep. PM
Wednesday, December 12
UAS Program Overview COL Tim Baxter, UAS PM
UAS Sustainment: Optimized Performance Based Logistics & Depot Strategy Mr. Ed Ward, UAS Fleet Manager
Acquisition Initiatives LTG William N. Phillips, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology), ASA(ALT)

ASE 2012Banner

Event: Speaker:
Tuesday, November 6

Project Manager, Aircraft Survivability
Equipment (ASE) Program Update

COL John R. Leaphart, PM, ASE

Future Work CERDEC/S&T
(HFI, CMWS, Countermeasures)

Mr. Ralph Troisio, Ch., EWAGSD, I2WD

Panel 1: Future Capability Development

Chair: COL Richard Stockhausen, Dir.
TRADOC Program Office, Aviation Brigades
  Mr. Murray R. Collette, BAE
  Mr. David Imbrogno, Goodrich
UTC Aerospace Systems

USMC/Navy RF/IR Program Updates

CDR Laura Schuessler (USN)
Program Manager
Air (PMA-272) Assault ASE Lead
Panel 2: OEM & Support Chair: COL John R. Leaphart, PM, ASE
  Dr. James M. Harrison, BAE
  Mr. Ray Trent, Goodrich
UTC Aerospace Systems
  Dr. Peter G. Varmette, SAIC
Wednesday, November 7
Special Operations Aviation Update COL John R. Evans, Cdr., 160th SOAR (A)
AMCOM Update MG Lynn A. Collyar, Commanding General,
U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle
Management Command
Coalition Lessons Learned Dr. Jim Wickes, Sr. Princ. Survivability, DSTL, UK
Army Shoot Down Assessment Team (ASDAT) Update CW5 Bobby C. Sebren, Chief, ASDAT
TACOPS Branch Update CW5 Michael S. Kelley, Avn. Br. TACOPS
Aviation Mission Planning System Update (AMPS) MAJ Olin Walters, APM
Networks & Aviation Mission Planning
PM Blue Force Tracking-Avn Update Mr. Alvin A. Abejon, PM, BFT-Avn
Panel 4: Sustain and Maintain – PMs and User Maintainers Chair: COL John R. Leaphart, PM ASE
  Mr. Joseph Andrzejewski
IronMountain Solutions
Utility Helicopters PMO

{password}AAAA Convention Banner

All Forum presentations are available for attendees only.  Please contact us if you did not receive the password.  This is the complete list of approved presentations.

Tuesday, 19 June
COL Pat Tierney HQDA Operational Update
MG William T. Crosby PEO Avn Update
COL Rich Koucheravy HQDA Force Development Update
COL Brian Diaz TCM Lift Update
COL Brian Tachias FW PM Update
Wednesday, 20 June
COL Larry Howl OSAA Update
COL John Newcomer USAR Update
Mr. John Minjares ASE CMWS Update
LTC Dean Hoffman ARES PM Update

{password}AAAA Luther Jones Aviation Summit

All Forum presentations are available for attendees only.  This is the complete list of approved presentations.

Wednesday, 26 September
Commander's Comments COL Christopher B. Carlile, Cdr. CCAD
Keynote Address Mr. Keith Roberson, Executive Director
Integrated Materiel Management Center
Aviation Branch Update MG Kevin W. Mangum, CG, USAACE
and Fort Rucker
PEO, Aviation Update MG William T. Crosby, PEO Aviation
Power of the Partnership Chair: Mr. William L. Braddy, Deputy Cdr.
Production Ops, CCAD
  Mr. Scott Reed, Government Programs
Executive, General Electric
  Mr. George Mitchell, Aerospace Services,
VP for Military Programs, Sikorsky
  Mr. James Schultz, Program Director,
Army Programs and Fielded Systems, Bell
PM Aviation Panel Chair: MG William T. Crosby, PEO AV
  COL Timothy Baxter, PM UAS
  COL Jeff Hager, PM Apache
  LTC Matt Hannah, PM KW
  LTC Heyward Wright, PM Utility
  Mr. Jeffrey Langhout, PM Cargo
Aviation Safety COL Jim Baker, Ops Officer
Combat Readiness/Safety Center
Thursday, 27 September
ACLC Update COL Mike Aid, Cdr., ACLC
Dept Field Tms. CCAD Fwd COL Christopher B. Carlile, Cdr., CCAD
Business Integration Panel Chair: Mr. William L. Braddy, Deputy Cdr.
Production Ops, CCAD

2011 UAS Presentations


All Forum presentations are available for attendees only.
Please contact us if you did not receive the password.
Thursday, 15 December
Keynote Address
BG Anthony A. Cucolo, III
Director, Force Development, G-8
G3/5/7 Update
LTC James Cutting
HQDA G3 Avn.
Joint Service Officer Perspective Panel
Chair: COL Grant Webb Commander, Joint UAS Center of Excellence
CAPT Karl Thomas
LtCol Brad Beach HQMC Avn., UAS Coordinator
Mr. Pat Buckley Dep. Prog. Exec. Office Unmanned Avn. & Strike Wpns
LTC Kent G. Guffy
PEO-RW, Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisitions Center
OSD Perspective on Unmanned Warfare
Mr. Dyke Weatherington
Deputy Dir., Unmanned Warfare Directorate, OUSD (AT&L)
Army UAS Systems Capability Update
COL Timothy Baxter
Project Manager, Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Friday, 16 December
COL Robert J. Sova
TRADOC Capability Manager – UAS
Industry Panel
SES Rusty Weiger
Dep. Program Executive Officer, Aviation
Mr. Don Cattell
Director Army Programs, General Atomics
Ms. Lori Eckles
VP, Dev. Programs, L-3 Comm.
Mr. Vance King
Shadow Lead, AAI
Mr. Scott Newbern
AV Director, AeroVironment
Mr. Jimmy Moss
Special Projects Mgr., Northrop Grumman Corp
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