Community Membership Information

Defense contractors or subcontractors who provide either goods or services to the Army are not eligible for this program as they are considered Industry.

WHO: Army Aviation Association of America, Inc. (AAAA), founded in 1957, is a professional, non-profit organization for individuals and corporations engaged in the Army Aviation community. Our mission is to Support the US Army Aviation Soldier & Family. There are currently 70 Chapters worldwide. You can reach us at 203-268-2450, or visit

WHAT: The Community Membership Program is designed for local (non-defense) businesses or agencies that would like to support Army Aviation through their AAAA Chapter. Company may choose one annual membership for $40 or two for $75.


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To change your chapter affiliation please send an email to noting the chapter you wish to join.  Once we have processed your request you will be notified via email.

Those persons whose past or current duties affiliate them with the field of U.S. Army Aviation or its allied pursuits, or those persons who, though not necessarily having a past or current professional affiliation with U.S. Army Aviation, desire to advance the purpose of the Association.

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