Chapter Officer Workshop

At the 2016 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit, AAAA offered Chapter Leadership Workshops for the first time. All Chapter Officers were invited to attend the Workshop that focused solely on chapter-specific issues. Topics included: Recruiting; Programs; Branding; Fiscal Operations; Awards Procedures; Membership Do’s & Don’ts; Scholarship Program Processes … and more.

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To change chapter affiliation the member must contact AAAA.  Members may send an email to noting the chapter they want to join.  Once we have processed the request, they will be notified via email.


THE PRESIDENT: Serves as Chairman of the Chapter Executive Board; implements National Executive Board policies within the Chapter; implements the desires of the membership as expressed by a legal vote; presides at all formal Chapter meetings; makes an annual report to the Chapter membership covering the significant events and programs during his/her tenure of office; performs such other duties as are normally attached to this office and such duties as are in the best interest of the Chapter Executive Board and its membership.

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