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Since its inception, the AAAA has solicited awards nominations "from the field" -- any member may nominate an individual or a unit for our National Awards. At the same time, several AAAA Chapters have established local "Awards Committees" to evaluate and select their winners for National Awards consideration. This caused situations where the National Awards Committee, in accepting nominations "from the field", selected local activity winners other than those chosen by the Regional or Chapter Awards Committee -- resulting in discontent and a perception of undermining the local award process.

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AAAA Award Recipients Selection Process

AAAA Functional Awards

Completed Award nomination packets, received by the award deadline date, are included in a boarding (voting) book. Two 5 person boarding committees, one at Ft. Rucker and the other from the most pertinent PM's office, review the boarding books and evaluate the nominations.

Boarding members evaluate each nomination packet with a score between 1 - 10, with 10 being the highest, and record their ratings on the AAAA Evaluation Form. Completed forms are return to the AAAA Awards Manager.

Results from both Boarding committees are combined to create an Order of Merit List (OML). The top scoring individuals are then cleared by Army Sources and the winner is notified by AAAA.

AAAA National Awards

Completed Award nomination packets, received by the award deadline date, are included in a boarding (voting) book for each award.

The AAAA Awards Chairman and Awards Committee meet in January of each year to review the Boarding Books and evaluate the nomination packets. Committee members vote for their top packet in each award category. If a clear winner is not identified, just the top two or three packets are voted again until a clear winner is identified.

The top scoring packets are then cleared by Army Sources and the winners of the National Awards are notified by AAAA.


Any Army Aviation Soldier, Unit or DAC is eligible for the AAAA Awards.


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