Chapter Baseline Reward Program

The Chapter Baseline Reward program encourages membership growth & retention at the Chapter level through a financial reward system.

How does it work?

At the end of each quarter (3/31, 6/30, 9/30 & 12/31), new membership totals are gathered. For those Chapters showing a net gain in membership over their baseline, the AAAA rewards the Chapter $5 for every member gained and establishes the new membership total as the Chapter's new baseline. The Chapters that break even or show declines retain their current baseline.

Each year, the initial baseline for the year is set at the immediately preceding 12/31 level. Each quarter after that, the highest monthly total achieved in any of that year's quarters is taken as the new baseline.


If your chapter's 12/31 membership was 150, that would be your baseline for the new-year Q1. If the Q1 ended with 175 members you would receive a check from AAAA National for 25 x $5.00 = $125.00. Your new baseline for the second quarter would be 175.

If you lost five members in the Q2, your baseline remains at 175 and you do not receive a rebate. If you hit 180 members in the second month of the Q3, you receive 180-175 = 5 net new members x $5 =$25 and your new baseline for the Q4 becomes 180.

If you hit a home run in Q4 and reach 200 on month 11, you earn 20 x $5 = $100 at the end of the quarter. If your 12/31 membership total ends at 198, this becomes your baseline for the Q1 of the following year.

In addition, there is some flexibility built into the system on an exception basis. If a unit displacement or any other administrative action results in a major change in your membership composition, a Chapter may petition the National Office for a change in its baseline total.

The AAAA National Executive Board has also established other additional incentives: