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Chapter Sustaining Membership

The Sustaining Membership Program is designed to appeal to those local (non-defense) businesses or agencies that desire to express support of Army Aviation through their AAAA Chapter.

The Sustaining Membership program does not apply to defense contractors or subcontractors who provide either goods or services to the Army. These would fall under the AAAA Industry Membership program.

In addition to this significant local exposure, AAAA Sustaining Members receive specific membership benefits and have the opportunity to participate in the many programs AAAA offers to accomplish its objectives that include:

  • Individual Membership: member will receive either one or two individual memberships based on the Member's classification to serve as its representatives.
  • Army Aviation Magazine: AAAA's official publication, issued 10 times per year, is provided to each individual member.
  • AAAA Chapter Program: Each individual member is assigned to the local chapter and has the opportunity to participate in local activities and meetings.
  • Certificate of Sustaining Membership: Sustaining Members under the $75 category, receive an AAAA "Certificate of Sustaining Membership".
  • The Blue Book: The Who's Who in the Army Aviation Community is provided to each individual.
  • Professional Career Employment Program: AAAA's job board
  • AAAA Annual Forum: AAAA's annual meeting encompassing the latest developments in the Army Aviation community through professional presentations and exhibits. Sustaining Members are provided the courtesy of advance registration privileges. AAAA sponsors several conferences and forums annually that address specific subject areas such as ASE, Avionics, Electronics, and Product Support.
  • AAAA Awards Program: AAAA presents awards annually recognizing outstanding achievements in Army Aviation. Sustaining Member representatives are eligible to submit award nominations.
  • AAAA Scholarship Program: The AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc. awards scholarships and interest free loans annually to members of the AAAA and their spouses, unmarried siblings and unmarried children and grandchildren of current and deceased AAAA members. Sustaining Members may also make tax deductible contributions to the Foundation and are recognized accordingly.

To join the AAAA as a Sustaining Member, please complete the AAAA Sustaining Membership Form. The Sustaining Membership will commence the first day of the month following receipt of the application and dues. At that time, the individual members under the Sustaining Membership will receive new member credentials and their subscriptions to Army Aviation.

Annual Dues Information

Sustaining Membership (2 categories):

  • 2 Individual Memberships included - $75
  • 1 Individual Membership included - $40
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