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The Army Aviation Association of America 2015 Blue Book will be published in the August/September issue of Army Aviation Magazine. It is a comprehensive directory of all Army Aviation units (battalion and above) and organizations, offices and operations supporting Army Aviation.

We are accepting input for the 2015 Blue Book through 22 July.

If you had an entry in the 2014 edition of the Blue Book, you will receive a copy of last year’s entry for verification and/or updating via regular mail. Please return this mailing (even if there are no changes) by 22 July as well.

For forms and submission instructions please right click on the link below and save the PDF to your computer. Please be sure to review the instructions carefully as there have been changes from previous years.

The correct contact address for submissions/questions is or call (203) 268-2450.

Thank you in advance for your timely support.


Army Aviation


Please Note: Forms are designed to be completed Offline in Adobe Reader.

  • The default setting for opening .pdf files through newer browsers is an alternative browser-based reader that does not display interactive fields.
  • Completing Forms Online within your Browser will not allow forms to function as designed.
  • Browser-based PDF readers will not allow you to save your information or use "Submit" on filled-in forms.