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Aviation Mission Survivability Officers (AMSO) Award

  • Deadline for submission of Nomination Packet is July 1st of the subsequent year.
  • All information included in the Summary and Support Documents must have occurred between July 1 and June 30 of the year that the nomination is being submitted.


Sponsored by VT Miltope, this National Award will be presented "to an Aviation Warrant Officer, tracked as an Aviation Mission Survivability Officer (AMSO) who has made an outstanding individual contribution to Army Aviation during the award period encompassing July 1 through June 30." 

Candidates for this AAAA National Award must be Army Aviation Warrant Officers, tracked as an Aviation Mission Survivability Officer (special qualification identifier (SQI) - "I"), serving in a Modified Table of Organization & Equipment (MTO&E) organization.

AMSOs serving outside of MTO&E duty positions coded with SQI-"I" are not eligible for this award and should be considered for the ASE award. Membership in the AAAA is not a requirement for consideration.

Aviation Mission Survivability Officers Award Criteria

Aviation Mission Survivability Officers Award Nomination Form

Sample Of Completed Nomination Form

Nomination Packet Requirements

Submission Stipulations For Nomination Packets

Historic List Of Award Recipients

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