Since its inception, the AAAA has solicited awards nominations "from the field" -- any member may nominate an individual or a unit for our National Awards. At the same time, several AAAA Chapters have established local "Awards Committees" to evaluate and select their winners for National Awards consideration. This caused situations where the National Awards Committee, in accepting nominations "from the field", selected local activity winners other than those chosen by the Regional or Chapter Awards Committee -- resulting in discontent and a perception of undermining the local award process.

This subject was discussed at the February 4, 1984 meeting of the Awards Committee at which MG George W. Putnam, Jr., then AAAA Senior Vice President, and COL John W. Marr, then immediate Past President of AAAA, drafted procedures to resolve the problems created by accepting nominations "from the field". These procedures were then presented to the AAAA National Executive Board and approved at the National Executive Board meeting in Washington, D.C., on March 29, 1984. The procedures are outlined as follows:

"Nominations for National Awards may be submitted directly to the National Awards Committee. However, if an AAAA Region (or an AAAA Chapter that is not within a Regional organization) elects to appoint a selection committee to nominate candidates for the various National Awards, then all nominations within the Region (or Chapter) should be submitted to and considered by the Regional (or Chapter) Awards Committee and only the winners of the Regional (or Chapter) competition should be submitted to the National Awards Committee for consideration as candidates in the National selection process."

"This policy, as it applies to Regional or Chapter selection committees, is permissive and should NOT be construed to mean that Regions or Chapters are required to have a selection and nomination process."

Putnam-Marr Amendment Form