2005 Photo Contest Winners

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1st Place - "Midnight Maintenance" by SSG Derrick L. Mims
Co. D, 3rd Bn., 158th Avn. Regt., 12th Cbt. Avn. Bde., Germany
Aug. 6, 2005, Kandahar, Afghanistan
For the Soldiers of Task Force Storm, close of business doesn?t mean sundown?aircraft maintenance continues 24 hours a day, often well into the night for this CH-47D Chinook.

2nd Place - "Look Out Below" by 1LT Bridget L. Deuter
Co. A, 96th Avn. Spt. Bn., 101st Cbt. Avn. Bde., Fort Campbell, Ky.
Dec. 2, 2005, Over Iraq
A UH-60 door gunner mans his M-240H machinegun to provide aerial security during a flight from Taji to Balad in Iraq.

3rd Place - "Days End" by SSG Derrick L. Mims
Co. D, 3rd Bn., 158th Avn. Regt., 12th Cbt. Avn. Bde., Germany
Dec. 19, 2005, Kandahar, Afghanistan
As another day comes to an end, the sun sets behind several Chinooks from Task Force Storm and the Netherlands taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom VI.

4th Place - "Raven UAV Launch" by MAJ Oliver L. Hasse
TRADOC System Manager for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, Fort Rucker, Ala.
March 29, 2005, Taji, Iraq
A Soldier from the 4th Bn., 1st Field Artillery, 3rd Inf. Div., hand launches a Raven unmanned aerial vehicle for a recon mission in the vicinity of the Taji Airfield, Iraq.

Honorable Mention - "Roof Top Landing" by CPT Michael Sines
Co. B, 214th Avn. Regt., Cbt. Avn. Bde., 25th Inf. Div., Wheeler Army Air Field, Hawaii.
Jan. 29, 2005, Afghanistan
A CH-47 lands on a snow covered roof-top of a high mountain forward outpost to pick up troops for a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom V.

Honorable Mention - "Flying Freedom" by CW2 Michael J. Heuer
Co. F, 1st Bn., 106th Avn. Regt., Illinois Army National Guard, Peoria.
April 30, 2005, Springfield, Illinois
A CH-47D Chinook flies an American flag during the Springfield Air Rendezvous in Illinois.

Honorable Mention - "Keeping Them Flying" by SGT Ryan C. Matson
HHC, 101st Cbt. Avn. Bde., Fort Campbell, Ky.
Nov. 18, 2005, FOB Q-West (near Mosul), Iraq
SPC Matthew Spence with Co. D, 2nd Bn., 101st Avn. Regt., works on an AH-64D Apache rotorhead in a maintenance hanger at Forward Operating Base Q-West.

Honorable Mention - "Goin' Vertical" by DAC Karen E. Soto
U.S. Army Aviation Technical Test Center, Fort Rucker, Ala.
Sept. 10, 2005, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.
An AH-64D Apache fires a combined chaff and flare cartridge during tests of new anti-aircraft countermeasure system components. The test verifies that the cartridge can clear the aircraft when fired simultaneously while performing steep banking maneuvers.

Honorable Mention - "Sunday Morning Security" by 1LT Bridget L. Deuter
Co. A, 96th Avn. Spt. Bn., 101st Cbt. Avn. Bde., Fort Campbell, Ky.
Nov. 23, 2005, Iraq
An OH-58D Kiowa Warrior provides early morning aerial security for a logistics convoy moving from Kirkuk to Tikrit in Iraq.

Honorable Mention - "Sunset Behind 538" by CW2 William H. Murray
Co. C, 5th Bn., 101st Avn. Regt., Fort Campbell, Ky.
Nov. 6, 2005, FOB Speicher, Tikrit, Iraq.
A Black Hawk crew conducts post-flight maintenance on UH-60 #538 just after a mission during a beautiful sunset at Forward Operating Base Speicher.

Honorable Mention - "Armed Angel" by MAJ White, Jeffrey W.
HHC, 1st Bn., 101st Avn. Regt., Fort Campbell, Ky.
Sept. 26, 2005, Udairi, Kuwait
An AH-64D Longbow departs early morning from Kuwait with another aircraft enroute to a forward base in Iraq; on-hand is CW5 Greg Tuberville, left, and LTC Doug Gabram.

Honorable Mention - "Freedom over Mosul" by LTC Edward McKee
HHC, 1st Bn., 151st Avn. Regt., S.C. Army National Guard, Columbia.
Jan. 31, 2005, Mosul, Iraq
MAJ J. Ray Davis, left, and CPT Jay McElveen, S.C. ARNG AH-64A pilots, display "Old Glory" after a long mission to provide aerial security for 40 polling sites around Mosul for the Iraqi national elections.