TitlePresenterSize (MB)
Opening Remarks COL Rick Stockhausen, Director CRD, USAAWFC 1.5
Aviation Proud and Strong   8.5
Aircrew Survivability in Combat COL Lewis 3.6
Aircraft Shoot Down Assessment Team   14.5
Joint Expendable Updates Mr. Rene Medina, Pyrotechnics Team Leader, Project Officer - Flares 1.6
Balanced Survivability Approach COL Kihara, Commander, RDECOM 10.7
ASE Futures Panel: Concepts and Requirements Directorate   1.2
PMA-272 Aviation Survivability LTC Davis, PMA-272 ASE Lead, NAVAIR NAS Pax 5.2
AMCOM Update MG Myles, Commander AMCOM 1
PEO IEWS COL Jenkins, Program Director, ASE 5
ASE Training Update CW4 Woodmansee, Army Avn Br Tac Opns Officer, TAC TICS DIV, DOTD, USAAWC 8.2
UH/HH-60 A and L   3.7