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Full NameMember TypeCityStateCountry
Mrs. Jane L. Ahouse Life Member Columbus GA  
2LT Peter J. Bendorf   Enterprise AL  
MAJ Todd X. Bloch Life Member Elizabeth City NC  
CPT Robert S. Boham Life Member Apo AE  
Mr. Steven J. Borman Life Member Spring Lake NC  
Mr. Harold V. Bowie, Jr. Life Member Tempe AZ  
MAJ James E. Bruckart Life Member APO AE  
CW3 James D. Cain, Ret. Life Member Decatur GA  
Mr. E. W. Cavanaugh Life Member Apo AE  
LTC Richard G. Cercone, Jr. Life Member Avondale AZ  
LTC Tzu-Shan Chang Life Member Hou-Li Taichung 421   TAIWAN
MAJ Jimmy R. Chapman Life Member Honolulu HI  
2LT Dominic A. Chargvalaf   Enterprise AL  
Mr. Martin Coenson Life Member Delray Beach FL  
MAJ Harry L. Connors, Jr. Ret. Life Member APO AE  
CPT Christopher Corkery Life Member Weymouth MA  
Mr. Jerry D. Craig Life Member Huntsville AL  
Mr. Bruno Cussigh Life Member Torino 10138   ITALY
Ms. Irma A. D'Amato Life Member Washington DC  
LTC Landy D. Dunham   Linden NC  
PFC Taylor R. Ellis   W Valley City UT  
LTG Eugene P. Forrester, Ret. Life Member Washington DC  
COL Harry L. Fraser, Ret. Life Member Guntersville AL  
COL Fred F. Fulton, Ret. Life Member Montgomery AL  
2LT Arthur W. Galloway Life Member APO AP  
MAJ J. David Gipson Life Member Murfreesboro TN  
Mr. Michael F. Glass Life Member New Port Richey FL  
MAJ Gregory W. Glover Life Member Sandia Park NM  
LTC William T. Goforth Life Member APO AE  
COL Gerhard Granz, Ret. Life Member 30625 Hannover   GERMANY
Dr. Mark A. Hofmann Life Member Washington DC  
CW4 Delbert Jackson, Ret. Life Member Columbus GA  
MAJ Gregory R. Jenkins Life Member APO AE  
MAJ David A. Jobe Life Member Fort Sam Houston TX  
Mr. James Johnson   Redstone Arsenal AL  
MAJ Rickey A. Jones Life Member Harker Heights TX  
SGM David W. Keller, Ret. Life Member Oakland Park FL  
MAJ John W. Kiger, Ret. Life Member Alexandria VA  
COL Howard E. Kinney, Ret. Life Member Fullerton CA  
LTC Jeanne M. Lang Life Member El Paso TX  
COL Major W. LaRowe Life Member Clancy MT  
CPT Dale P. Marchand, II Life Member APO AE  
LTG Caryl G. Marsh, Ret. Life Member Leavenworth KS  
LTC Robert W. Michel, Ret. Life Member Celebration FL  
CPT Stephen W. Miles Life Member Harker Heights TX  
SFC Jim P. Moore Life Member Lacey WA  
1LT Richard W. Nicholson   New Caney TX  
LTC Roger K. Paquette Life Member Williamsburg VA  
SPC Tyler R. Peters   El Paso TX  
COL Alan R. Peterson, Ret. Life Member Eaton Rapids MI  
COL Robert B. Pickens, Jr. Ret. Life Member Diamondhead MS  
LTC Martin C. Pinkham Life Member Fort Sheridan IL  
SFC Henry R. Rathbone, Ret. Life Member Killeen TX  
COL Matthew J. Reardon   Mountain Brk AL  
LTC Frederick Ritterspach, Ret. Life Member Vacaville CA  
LTC Martin Scheld Life Member 36251 Bad Hersfeld   GERMANY
Mr. Thomas R. Schiltz Life Member Oshkosh WI  
LTC Jerry D. Scott Life Member Leavenworth KS  
Mr. John W. Shelton   Gulf Breeze FL  
PFC Katelyn M Shurts   Hermiston OR  
MAJ James F. Speelman Life Member APO AE  
LTC Friedrich Stern Life Member A 1030 Wien   AUSTRIA
Mr. Howard N. Stuverude Life Member Seattle WA  
WO1 Armando B. Torres Life Member APO AE  
PV2 Walter J. Tygret   Rainier OR  
CPT H.B. Van Rensselaer, Jr. Life Member St Thomas VI  
PFC Brandon J. Voorhees   Fort Campbell KY  
MAJ L.D. Walker Life Member Norfolk VA  
Mrs. Rose Weast Life Member Williamsport PA  
LTC Robert H. Wiese, Ret. Life Member Burke VA  
COL Charles S. Wingate, Ret. Life Member Jacksonville FL