June 1st is Deadline for Hall of Fame Submissions

Hall of Fame Nominations

The selection period for Hall of Fame Nominations has CHANGED. We now accept nominations and induct new Hall of Fame Members each year at our annual convention.

Nomination Form:

An AAAA-sponsored Army Aviation Hall of Fame honors those persons who have made a) an outstanding contribution to Army Aviation over an extended period, b) a doctrinal or technical contribution, c) an innovation with an identifiable impact on Army Aviation, d) efforts that were an inspiration to others, or e) any combination of the foregoing, and records the excellence of their achievements for posterity. All persons are eligible for induction, except active duty Generals and Colonels. Membership in AAAA is not a requirement for individuals nominated for the Army Aviation Hall of Fame. Any individual, military or civilian, may nominate an individual for Army Aviation Hall of Fame consideration.

The Army Aviation Hall of Fame Board of Trustees will consider only the following in making its selections:

  1. A 250-word summary of the accomplishments of the individual nominee.
  2. Up to three additional pages (8.5 x 11) of not less than 10pt. type, to include any/all supporting documentation and endorsements.
  3. Completed Hall of Fame Nomination Form
  4. Biography of Nominee
  5. The nomination must include a head and shoulders photo of the nominee, preferably a color 8x10. Photographs may either be mailed to the AAAA National office at the above address or submitted electronically to: awards@quad-a.org.

Any person may submit this Nomination Form directly to the Army Aviation Hall of Fame Board of Trustees for consideration. Nominations must be postmarked not later than June 1 of each year in order to be considered for induction during the following year. Nominations may either be submitted electronically to awards@quad-a.org or may be mailed to AAAA, ATTN: Chairman, Hall of Fame Board of Trustees; 593 Main Street, Monroe, CT 06468-2806. The receipt of each nomination will be acknowledged by the AAAA. However, nomination materials - to include photographs - cannot be returned.

Copies of all nominations will be sent to each member of three different voting groups: (1) Hall of Fame Board of Trustees, (2) National Executive Board and (3) AAAA Chapter Presidents. Each nomination will be reviewed and rated on a scale of zero to ten. An Order of Merit List (OML) will be developed for each of the three voting groups. Copies of the three OML's will be sent to each member of the Hall of Fame Board of Trustees. The Hall of Fame Board of Trustees will meet to review the OML's and establish a "break" point for nominees to be selected for induction. The Aviation Branch Chief, the Branch Chief Warrant Officer and the Branch Command Sergeant Major will be invited to participate in this review.

Inductions into the AAAA Hall of Fame are conducted annually. The selected individuals will be inducted during ceremonies that are held during the annual Army Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Dinner. The actual Army Aviation Hall of Fame is located at the U.S. Army Aviation Museum in Fort Rucker, Alabama, where the portraits of the Inductees and descriptive narratives are displayed.