National Office Directory

AAAA Email
Phone: (203) 268-2450
Fax: (203) 268-5870

Department Contact Ext.
Executive Director Bill Harris 123
Director of Operations Chris Burgess 126
Executive Assistant Barbara McCann 143

AAAA Membership

Deborah Cavallaro, Membership Primary Contact 127
Joan Zinsky 140
Debbie Coley 120

Chapter Information

Barbara McCann, Primary 143
Deborah Cavallaro 127
Janis Arena, Manager 132
Deborah Cavallaro, Order of St. Michael and Our Lady of Loreto 127
Scholarship Foundation Inc.
Sue Stokes, Primary 121
Deborah Cavallaro 127
Post Career
Employment Program
Mary Seymour 129
Army Aviation Magazine and
Joe Pisano, Magazine Editor 442
Bob Lachowski, Advertising Sales 131
Erika Burgess, Advertising Sales 125
Anne Ewing, Production 139
Digital Editor  
Trudy Hodenfield, Graphic Designer 128

Meetings and Events

Bob Lachowski, Exhibit Sales 131
Erika Burgess, Exhibit Sales 125
Deborah Cavallaro, Exhibitor Attendee Registration 127
Connie Golden, Meetings Planning and Execution N/A
Historian Mark Albertson 135
Marketing Communications
Jennifer Chittem 124
Social Media    
Photography Peter Orkin 134
Finance Elisabeth Mansson 137

MIS Coordinator | Webmaster

Mary Seymour 129