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AAAA Membership

By joining the Army Aviation Association of America, you are helping us achieve our mission: "Supporting the Army Aviation Soldier and Family."

As an AAAA member, you will:

  • Network as a Professional in the total Army Aviation Community through
    • mentoring opportunities via AAAA Annual Summit, Symposia, and Chapter events
    • professional development from operations to training, doctrine, maintenance, acquisition and industry and submitting articles for publication in ARMY AVIATION
  • Be Recognized for Excellence by
    • being submitted for, or nominating others for over 35 national awards like Soldier of the Year, Unit of the Year.
    • applying for Scholarship Foundation awards – 51% of applicants receive funding!
  • Have your voice heard before senior leadership & government through
    • AAAA's membership in The Military Coalition (TMC) which has over 5.5M members
    • the AAAA sponsored Army Aviation Caucus of 56 Congressmen
  • Supporting your brother and sister Soldiers, Families, and AAAA members through AAAA activities.  Thank you again!

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