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  • Aircraft Survivability Equipment Symposium (ASE) will be taking place in Lexington, Kentucky, September 12-13. Exhibits and Sponsorships Open June 15
  • Cribbins will be taking place in Huntsville, AL, November 14-16. Exhibits and Sponsorships Open June 15.
  • Luther Jones will be taking place in Corpus Christi, TX, December 6-7.
  • 2023 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit will be taking place April 26-28 in Nashville, TN. Exhibits open June 1.
  • The ASE, AMSO and Avionics Award nominations are due by July 1



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Welcome to the Summit!

President's Cockpit / By MG Tim Crosby, Ret.  

Well, it is finally here, our first AAAA Annual Summit in three years. It has been some roller coaster ride through years of pandemic, shut-downs, masks, social distancing and all the rest. Let’s pray it is finally coming to a close.

I want to first thank all our 18,000-plus members and especially our 79 chapters, for all you have done and endured during these most difficult times. You and your families have inspired all of us on the National Executive Board, and me personally as I have traveled to almost half our chapters over the last year.

Special thanks also to MG Jeff Schloesser who helped steer us through two cancelled Summit’s and in fact is the only AAAA President to have never presided over our annual meeting. As Jeff noted, it would have been easier to hold the summits.

Also want to recognize our Branch Chief, MG Dave Francis; he could not have been more supportive and encouraging through all this. In fact, the entire “Six Pack” leadership has stepped up to support you, our members, going above and beyond to keep our association strong.  Continue Reading

COVID-19 Update

Our Headquarters office Staff are working from home due to concerns over COVID-19. The staff will continue to be maintaining email during regular business hours, and may be reached on their extensions. Your voicemail messages will be immediately forwarded to the staff members email. Please note that some mailings may be delayed during this time. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

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