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Passing the Gavel

President's Cockpit / By MG Jeff Schloesser, Ret.  

This is likely the best Army Aviation Magazine since I took over as AAAA President back in April of 2019.

We all hoped this would also be our AAAA 2021 Mission Summit magazine this year, but as you know by now, we had to cancel the Summit due to COVID-based travel restrictions. With vaccines becoming more and more available and the infection rate declining in many states, I am hopeful this will be the last cancellation of a AAAA event due to COVID.

For our April-May issue, our senior most Army Aviator, Chief of Staff GEN Jim McConville, updates us on the state of our Army, including Army Aviation. There is no doubt the Chief is leading the charge to take care of our soldiers and families through his “People First” endeavors, just as it is clear he is transforming the Army with modernization of our fleets and doctrine, while maintaining readiness.  Continue Reading

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