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  • The Army Aviation Association of America proudly announces the CY2017 Functional Award winners
  • CW4 Gerald D. Brown, CW5 Paul L. Price and CW4 William L. Ruf (deceased) will be inducted into the Army Aviation Hall of Fame at the upcoming Banquet on April 26.

AAAA is Your Voice

  • President Trump signs AAAA Supported “Forever GI Bill” that will bring significant changes to education benefits. Click here for details.
  • The official publication of AAAA –
  • Army Aviation Congressional Caucus, The Military Coalition (TMC) and Senior Associates

AAAA Supports the U.S. Army Aviation Soldier & Family

On Final to 2018

What a special time of year this is, with the close of 2017 coming in the midst of a joyful holiday season, carrying us through the final days to 2018.

Just as we started with Thanksgiving where we all took time to recognize how much we each had to be thankful for, AAAA clearly recognizes that we as a nation and an organization are so thankful for our Army Aviation Soldiers and families. You are truly an inspiration to us in your leadership, perseverance, can-do attitude, and mission accomplishment around the world.

This was really brought home to me on stage during the awards ceremonies at the Aircraft Survivability Equipment and Joseph P. Cribbins symposia in Huntsville last month in two ways.

First, from the acceptance remarks by our Soldier award winners, reminding me again why we all put on the uniform. Once again it was all about humility, teamwork, technical expertise, outcomes, taking care of Soldiers, and support from our families.

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BG Steve Mundt, Ret.

BG Steve Mundt, Ret.
33rd President, AAAA