15th Luther G. Jones Army Aviation Depot Forum
Shaping Aviation Sustainment to Meet Multi-Domain Operations
August 20-21, 2019


Monday, August 19, 2019

0730-1700       Exhibitor Set up

1300-1530       Depot Orientation Tour

                         U.S. Citizens Only – NOFORN

1400-1700       AAAA Registration


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

0745-1800      AAAA Registration

0745-1800      Exhibit Hall Open

0745-0825      Continental Breakfast

                         Exhibit Hall

0815-0820      Administrative Remarks

                        Mr. Bill Harris, AAAA Executive Director

0820-0835     AAAA President’s Welcome/Update

                        MG (Ret.) Jeff Schloesser, AAAA President

0835-0920     CCAD & ACLC Partnered for Success

                        *COL Gail E. Atkins, Commander, Corpus Christi Army Depot

                        *COL Richard A. Martin, Commander, Aviation Center Logistics Command (ACLC)

0920-0930     Corpus Christi City/Depot Partnership

                        *The Honorable Joe McComb, Mayor,  Corpus Christi, Texas

0930-0935     Congressional District Welcome

                        *The Honorable Michael Cloud, U.S. Representative, 27th Congressional District, Texas

0935-0945     Congressional District Update

                        *The Honorable Filemon Vela, U.S. Representative, 34th Congressional District, Texas


0945-1020     Keynote Address & Award Presentation

                        *BG(P) K. Todd Royar, Commanding General, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

                        AAAA Donald F. Luce Depot Maintenance Artisan of the Year Award

                        MG (Ret.) Schloesser, Mr. Harris

1020-1050     Networking Refreshment Break – Exhibit Hall
                        Sponsored by StandardAero

1050-1115     Special Operations Aviation

                        *COL Scott Wilkinson, Commander, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)

1115-1215     Technology Initiatives to Support MDO

                        *Chair: MG (Ret.) Tim Crosby, AAAA Sr. VP

                        *Cbt. Cap. Dev. Cmd. Rep. (CCDEVCOM)

                        *Special Ops Rep. (AMSO/SIMO)

                        *Army Research Lab Rep. (ARL)

                        *OEM Reps.

                        *Prototype Integration Facility Rep. (PIF)

1215-1300     Networking Lunch – Ortiz Center Patio

                        Sponsored by Advanced Turbine Engine Company

1300-1330     Dessert and Coffee – Exhibit Hall

1330-1430     Army Futures Command Support Panel

                        *Chair: BG (Ret.) Steve Mundt, Past AAAA President

                        *FVL Cross-Functional Team Rep.

                        *PEO Aviation Rep.

                        *Army Contracting Cmd. Redstone Rep.



1430-1500     Networking Refreshment Break – Exhibit Hall
                        Sponsored by StandardAero

1500-1600     Panel: Field Maintenance in Strategic Support of MDO

                        *Chair: BG (Ret.) Howard Yellen, AAAA Past President

                        *COL Richard A. Martin, Cdr., ACLC

1600-1800     AAAA Networking Reception – Exhibit Hall
                      Sponsored by the City of Corpus Christi and the
South Texas Military Facilities Task Force

1800-2030     Awardee Dinner (Invitation Only)

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

0700-0800     Artisan Breakfast, NAS Corpus Christi

                        *Speaker TBD

                        (CCAD Artisans – Invitation Only)

 0800-1015    AAAA Registration

0800-1045     Exhibit Hall Open

0800-0900     Continental Breakfast – Exhibit Hall

0905-0915     AAAA Welcome

                        MG (Ret.) Jeff Schloesser, AAAA President

0915-1015     Sustainment Workforce Development

                        *Chair: MG (Ret.) Les Eisner, AAAA VP Guard/Reserve Relations

                        *CCAD Res. Mgmt.

                        *TRADOC Rep.

                        *Del Mar College

                        *Work Force Solutions

 1015-1045    Networking Refreshment Break – Exhibit Hall

                      Sponsored by StandardAero

1045-1145     Panel: Field Maintenance in Forward Support of MDO

                        *Chair:  MG(Ret.) Walt Davis, AAAA Treasurer

                        *COL Richard A. Martin, Cdr., ACLC

1145-1155     Closing Remarks

                        *COL Gail E. Atkins, Cdr., CCAD

                        *COL Richard A. Martin, Cdr., ACLC

1155-1200     AAAA Farewell

                        MG (Ret.) Jeff Schloesser, AAAA President


  • 5/20 - Exhibit Sales
  • 6/5 - Housing/Registration
  • 7/8 - Sponsorship Deadline
  • 8/5 - No Booth Refunds
  • 8/5 - Housing Cutoff
  • 8/5 - Lunch Cutoff
  • 8/5 - Online Registration Closes
  • 8/20-21 - Event Dates