MG Ronald K. Andreson

Army Aviation Hall of Fame 2007 Induction - Atlanta, GA

Retired MG Ronald K. "Andy" Andreson, a master Army aviator, shaped the future modernization of Army aviation through dedicated application of visionary leadership and management skills.

His two tours in Vietnam included command of the 162nd Assault Helicopter Company and numerous awards and decorations. Subsequently, Andreson commanded the 13th Combat Avn. Bn. and later served as deputy brigade commander for Logistics of the 6th Cavalry Brigade (Air Combat).

This operational experience set a solid foundation for future distinguished service, including key acquisition management positions in the Advanced Attack Helicopter Program Office and at Headquarters, Department of the Army.

His most senior assignments included program manager of the UH-60 Black Hawk and RAH-66 Comanche helicopter programs; and deputy commanding general for Research and Development with the Aviation Systems Command. Andreson's superb leadership resulted in the near flawless fielding of the Black Hawk.

Influenced by his outstanding performance, Congress approved the Black Hawk for award of the first multi-year procurement contract for any DoD program, saving the Army more than $100 million.

Subsequently, he led the highly successful transition of the Comanche through concept exploration into the development phase.

His selection as the best program manager in the Army and later recognition with the Secretary of Defense Superior Management Award provide clear evidence of Andreson's distinctive leadership and management skills.

His service as a program manager on major aviation systems for eleven years is significantly longer than any other PM in the history of the Defense Department.

He stands alone as the acquisition manager who had the greatest positive, profound and enduring impact on Army aviation modernization to this date.

Andreson's sustained selfless dedication and exemplary performance of duty resulted in the award of the Distinguished Service Medal.