Scholarship Application Procedure (for the person attending college)

To apply for an AAAA Scholarship you must first complete and submit the Pre-Qualifying Form. You will be asked to provide the AAAA member's ID# on the form. Once submitted you will receive an email within one week notifying you of your eligibility. If eligible, the email will contain a link to the Scholarship Application Form.  

Click the link below to access the Pre-Qualifying Form.  You will be asked to create an account (or use an existing account if you applied for an AAAA Scholarship in the last 6 years). THE ACCOUNT MUST BE CREATED UNDER THE APPLICANT'S NAME (the person attending college).  Also, please use the applicant's primary email address when creating the account. All correspondence relating to the application will be sent to that address.


NOTE:  We strongly suggest that you submit your pre-qualifying form on or before April 1. This will allow you three weeks or more to complete the application before the 11:59pm April 30th deadline. 

Scholarship Timeline

January April

  • Complete and submit the pre-qualifying form.  (Do not wait until the last minute to do this step because you will need time to complete the application before 11:59pm April 30th.)
  • Once you have submitted your pre-qualifying form you will receive an email within one week telling you if you’re approved or not.  If approved, the email will contain a link to the application.
  • Complete and submit your application by 11:59pm April 30th.
  • Have your AAAA Member affiliate log in to to check that their chapter affiliation is up to date.

May  June

  • Log into application from the email you received to check your status. “Pending” means that your references have not submitted their portion yet.  “Submitted” means that all documents have been received and your application is complete. You are responsible for following up with your reference to make sure that he/she successfully submits the form by the deadline.
  • All references and the Academic Reporting Form (for high school students) must be submitted by June 1st.

June – August

  • Your job is done and the selection process begins. You will receive a letter in the mail by mid-August informing you whether or not you have been awarded a scholarship.

August – December

  • If you have been awarded a scholarship you must send in your enrollment verification for the upcoming semester in order to receive your award.


Current Transcript of Grades – There is a place on the application where upperclassmen and graduate applicants can upload their high school and college grade transcripts. If you are currently in high school the person who will be filling out the Academic Reporting Form will be asked to include your transcript with that form. Graduate applicants must also provide their undergraduate grade transcript. Transcripts are mandatory for all applicants. (deadline 11:59pm April 30 for applicants already attending college)

Proof of Admission to an Accredited College or University - proof that the applicant will be attending an accredited college or university in the fall must be provided. Incoming Freshmen can submit a copy of their acceptance letter as proof of enrollment. There is a place on the application where this can be uploaded.  Mandatory for all applicants.

Photograph – a photograph is required  and becomes the property of the AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc. to be used for publicity purposes. The photo should be a head and shoulders view in pdf, jpeg, jpg or tiff format. There is a place on the application where this can be uploaded.  Mandatory for all applicants. (deadline 11:59pm April 30)

Essay - applicants are asked to compose a maximum 300-word essay. Mandatory for all applicants. (deadline 11:59pm April 30)

Reference – to be completed by an individual who is aware of the applicant's abilities and potential. Do not include relatives. Mandatory for all applicants. (deadline June 1)

Academic Reporting Form – to be completed by the appropriate school official who has access to the applicant's academic history. This form includes a place to upload the applicant's grade transcript.  Mandatory for Freshmen applicants. (deadline June 1)

For questions regarding the scholarship program, please contact Joanne Hansrote 203-268-2450 x130 or email