The AAAA Scholarship Foundation recognizes the generosity of the following individuals, chapters and organizations that have donated to the Foundation from March 2020 through March 2021.

The list includes donations received for all scholarships, as well as t
he General Fund which provides funding to enable the chapter, corporate, heritage and individual matching fund programs as well as national grants. Every penny donated to the Scholarship Foundation goes directly towards scholarships as a result of the Army Aviation Association of America subsidizing all administrative costs (minus investment brokerage fees). For more information about the Foundation or to make a contribution click here; contributions can also be mailed to AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc., 593 Main Street, Monroe, CT 06468-2806.

Scholarship Donors

7/17 Air Cav Association
AAAA Air Assault Chapter
AAAA Aloha Chapter
AAAA Arizona Chapter
AAAA ASE Speakers
AAAA Aviation Center Chapter
AAAA Badger Chapter
AAAA Central Florida Chapter
AAAA Colonial Virginia Chapter
AAAA Connecticut Chapter
AAAA Corpus Christi Chapter
AAAA Cowboy Chapter
AAAA Delaware Valley Chapter
AAAA Flint Hills Chapter
AAAA Gold Standard Chapter
AAAA Idaho Snake River Chapter
AAAA Iron Mike Chapter
AAAA Jack H. Dibrell/Alamo Chapter
AAAA Keystone Chapter
AAAA Lindbergh Chapter
AAAA MacArthur Chapter
AAAA Mid-Atlantic Chapter
AAAA Minuteman Chapter
AAAA Mount Rainier Chapter
AAAA North Star Chapter
AAAA North Texas Chapter
AAAA Old Tucson Chapter
AAAA Phantom Corp Chapter
AAAA Rio Grande Chapter
AAAA Southern California Chapter
AAAA Tarheel Chapter
AAAA Thunder Mountain Chapter
AAAA Thunderbird Chapter
AAAA Volunteer Chapter
AAAA Washington-Potomac Chapter
AAAA Wright Brothers Chapter
AAAA Zia Chapter
Sidney W. Achee
Airbus Group Inc.
All In Federal Credit Union
Army Otter Caribou Association
Laura & Thomas Barnes-IHO Joseph A. Hoecherl
Bonnie and Glenn Beavers-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Bell Textron
Helen & Joseph Bergantz
Doug Bly
The Boeing Company
John S. Bolton-IHO CSM Isaac B. Sheffield
Louis Bonham, Bonham Technologies
Jacob Adam Brewster-IHO Families of the Fallen
James L. Brown
Keirn C. Brown, Jr.
Matthew L. Brown-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Regina and Robert Bublitz-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Jacob Bullion-IHO MAJ Eugene A. Carroll Jr., Ret.
John D. Burke-IHO COL Joseph A. Hoecherl
Sandra D. Callanan-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
Ernie Carlson
Kate Carroll-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
Becki Chambers-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
Cirone Friedberg LLP-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
Kevin S. Cochie
Thomas Cole-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Daniel C. Cox
Cyalume Technologies, Inc.
Edward DeFreitas-IHO SGT James L. Wieler
Todd DiGeronimo
Digiflight Inc - Stanford Oliver
Jay Dirnberger-IHO Janis Arena
Dustoff Association
Joe Emerson-IHO Sandra Emerson
Louis E. Enselek-IHO Donald Harry Enselek
Erickson Incorporated
Joseph M. Ernest-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Fechheimer Brothers Company
Vanessa & Jeffrey Fowler-IHO COL Joseph A. Hoecherl
Paul and Jenny Gale
Garvin George-IHO Familes of the Fallen
Lonnie Germainre-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
Rhonda & Paul Gierow-IHO Morgan Rae Kurowsky
Leslie H. Gilbert, Cub Club
Steven Goetz
Rachel and Ellis Golson-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Jane and Thomas Graft
William B. Grubbs-IHO John K. Jolly
Alexander S. Guida-IHO Maxwell H. Guida
Spencer C. Guida and Andrea Pappano-IHO Maxwell Harris Guida
John Gustitis-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Kristen Gustitis-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Joanne Hansrote-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
William R. Harris
Thomas M. Harrison
Thomas M. Harrison-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
Gerald Hipp-IHO Colleen Hipp
David Hoffman
Diane & Stephen Huebner
Laura & Tom Huff-IHO John K. Jolly
Michael L. Hutton
James E. Hyers
Jack A. James-IHO T/Sgt. Karl P. Danckwerth Sr.
Arlo & Mary Rose Janssen
Robert H. Johnson III
Larry M. Jonas
Constance & Herbert Jones
Joseph Joseph-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
K-Con, Inc.
Richard D. Kenyon
James F. Krueger
Jessica Bailey Lallier-IHO 1LT Kathryn Bailey
James M. Lee
Abby Letts-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
Lockheed Martin
Timothy Lunger
Jodi Lynch
Michelle K. Madden-IHO Donald Harry Enselek
Carolyn Maloney, Chenega Defense and Aerospace Solutions
Melinda Marinello-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Theodore E. Mathison
Stephen T. Mauro-IHO COL Paul Kelly
Lewis & Betty McConnell
John W. McElveen
Dirk A. Megchelse, Sr.
Michael E. Moody-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Dora and Donald Moore-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Rene & Ronald Moring-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Donald T. Munsch, Munsch & Co. Aeromechanics
Northrop Grumman
Sylvia T. Noyes-IHO Thomas & Ann McNamara
Larry V. Oberg-IHO Donald Harry Enselek
David M. O'Brien Jr.
Rudy Ostovich
Johnny Overton HS Alumni
Diane Pascale-IHO Morgan Rae Kurowsky
Patriot Taxiway Industries Inc
Phantom Products Inc.
Piasecki Foundation
Pinnacle Solutions Rise up Reach Out Fund
Andrew G. Pokelwaldt-IHO of Military Families
March L. Rassler
Gary S. Rast
Gary S. Rast
Terry & Bonnie Reininger-IHO Christopher & Bill Gavora
Kenneth D. Reynolds-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Marilyn & Jay Rickmeyer
David F. Riley
Roberson Giving Fund - Keith Roberson
Gil H. Robertson-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Joseph Rosamond-IHO Creek Fire Rescue
Susan & Theron Ruff-IHO COL Joseph A. Hoecherl
Alex and Eli Ryan-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Judy and Charles Scheibly-IHO COL Joseph Hoechrel
Jeff J. Schloesser-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
Malinda & Edward Schmidt-IHO COL Joseph A. Hoecherl
Scott Kubica
Mary & William Shelt-IHO Families of the Fallen
E. J. Sinclair-IHO Anthonette Bobra Harris
E. J. Sinclair-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Thomas G. Smith
Teresa C. Snyder-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Evelyn A. Soucek-IHO Peter B. Teets
Kathryn & Joseph Sparks
Benjamin Stork
System Studies & Simulation, Inc
Pamela & Joseph Taylor
Cynthia M. Trujillo-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Teresa Tutin-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Teresa Tutin-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Jill & James Tyler
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association of Florida
Robert Weaver Welsh-IHO William Reeder Jr.
Nolan Wesley-IHO Families of the Fallen
Beverly A. Williamson-IHO MAJ Thomas Meredith Duckworth
Margaret Wilson-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Wreaths Across America
Michelle Yarborough - IHO Angela R. Freeman
Michelle Yarborough. – IHO MAJ William "Pete" Stormer, Ret.
Michelle Yarborough-IHO COL Harry Townsend
Michelle Yarborough-IHO CW5 Lee Tutin, Ret.
Lisa R. Young-IHO Morgan Rae Kurowsky
Yulista Holding, LLC