Past Officer Pins

Past Officer pins are available for Outgoing Chapter Officers whom the Chapter President feels have enhanced the Chapter's activities and the AAAA. They are not issued automatically.

The Chapter President must complete the Past Officer Pin Request


  • GREEN ENAMEL - for all Past Chapter Officers (except Chapter Presidents who would receive the "PAST PRESIDENT'S" lapel pin and a RED ENAMEL "Past Officer" lapel pin if they served on the AAAA National Board)
  • "Past Officer" GREEN ENAMEL - for Chapter Officers may only be issued on request by the Chapter President on completion of the officers' term of office and should state the specific officers by name. The AAAA National Office will distribute the pins to the Chapter President for local presentation, formal or informal.
  • RED ENAMEL - for all Past Officers on the National Executive Board (including Chapter Presidents serving on the National Executive Board).
  • "Past Officer" RED ENAMEL - for the National Executive Board may only be issued on request by the President of the AAAA.