Available slide presentations and videos are linked below.

Monday, April 15

AAAA Supporting You and Your Family! - Video

BG Stephen D. Mundt, Ret., AAAA President

101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Welcome - Video

MG Brian E. Winski, Commanding General

Keynote Address - Video

LTG Laura Richardson, Deputy Commanding General / Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Forces Command

Soldier & Unit Awards Presentation - Video

Aviation Branch Chief Presentation - Video

MG William K. Gayler, Commanding General, U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE)

Aviation Support & Role in Multi-Domain Ops - Video

LTG Theodore D. Martin, Deputy Commanding General / Chief of Staff,
U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

Acquisition, Logistics & Technology (AL&T) Update - Video

Mr. Jeffrey S. White, Principal Deputy Assist. SECARMY, AL&T


International Aviation Leaders Panel - Video

Moderator: MG Jeffrey Schloesser, Ret., AAAA Sr. VP;
BG Michael McCurry, DCG-S, 2ID (ROK);
BG John Novalis, DCS-Ops, Multinational Corps NE, NATO;
AirCdre. Alastair Smith, British Army;
BG Jean-Yves Bouillaud, French Army;
Brig. John Fenwick, Australian Army

Industry Leaders Forum - Video

Moderator: MG W. Tim Crosby, Ret., AAAA Secretary;
Cheryl Paridis, BAE Systems;
Dave Schreck, Collins Aerospace;
Steve Williams, Honeywell Aerospace;
Ike Song, Mercury Systems;
Susan Bruce, Northrop Grumman;
Juan Guiterrez, Physical Optics Corp.;
Sean Baity, Textron Systems


Requirements Development and Determination – Army Futures Command and TRADOC - Video

Moderator: MG Walter Davis, Ret., AAAA Treasurer

Developing Manned/ Unmanned Teaming Requirements and Ops. - Video

Moderator: MG Walter Davis, Ret.

Army Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Banquet - Video

Tuesday, April 16

Opening Remarks

BG Stephen D. Mundt, Ret.

Vice Chief of Staff, Army Keynote - Video

GEN James C. McConville, VCSA

AMCOM Sustainment Brief - Video

Mr. William P. Marriott, Executive Director

PEO AVN Update - Video

BG Thomas H. Todd III, Program Executive Officer

US Army Special Operations Aviation Command - Video

COL Jon Tussing, Deputy Commander

Director, Army Safety - Video

BG Timothy J. Daugherty, CG, Combat Readiness Center

Director, Army Aviation - Video

BG David J. Francis, Director

U.S. Army Futures Command - Video

LTG James M. Richardson, Deputy Commanding General


Army Aviation Challenges in Europe - Video

BG John E. Novalis II, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations,
Multinational Corps Northeast, NATO

Army Aviation in Korea - Video

BG Michael C. McCurry, DCG-S, 2nd Inf. Div.

Total Team Army Aviation Discussion - Video

Moderator: MG Erik Peterson, CG, First Army Div. West;
BG Jami Shawley, CG USARAC;
BG J.Ray Davis, Asst. Dir. ARNG;
COL Joe Bishop, ARNG Avn. & Safety;
COL Ron Els, Cdr. 166th Avn. Bde.

Talent Management Task Force Update - Video

CW5 Douglas Englen, Army Warrant Officer Senior Advisor

Informal Soldier Appreciation Dinner Concert - Closing Ceremony Video

Chapter Officer Workshop - Presentation